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Kona Ice

Delicious and nutritious tropical shaved ice made with pure cane sugar and sweet herb stevia, low in sugar and naturally free of gluten, soy, nut, dairy and casein, dye-free and sugar-free options available upon request

Krafted Coconut Lime

Combine a smooth coconut flavor with a tart lime and you get this classic tropical flavor

Krafted Aprium Rose Sangria

This combination of fruit, floral, and wine notes make for the perfect shaved ice for when it's time to wine down your day

Krafted Wildberry Honey

The sweet berry notes in this flavor complement the smooth honey taste in a way that will delight your taste buds

Krafted Tamarind

Derived from the african fruit, this flavor will delight your senses with its sweet and tangy combination

Krafted Rose Petal Lemonade

Floral notes mix with a tasty lemon flavor to make this interesting combination

Krafted Pineapple Sunrise

This refreshing flavor will wake you up with the tangy flavors of sweet pineapple

Krafted Bourbon Black Cherry Vanilla

This rich flavor is layered with three very distinct tastes that combine for a wonderfully sophisticated palate

Krafted Blackberry Mojito

Classic cuban mint mixes the savory blackberry flavor for a one-of-a-kind flavor

Krafted Lavender Lemonade

Sweet lemon flavor combined with the delicate taste of lavender create quite the refreshing combo

Krafted Passion Fruit

This south american fruit packs a scrumptious punch

About Kona Ice of Seminole

Kona brings more than refreshment wherever it drives: it provides a twenty-minute vacation. Every KEV (Kona Entertainment Vehicle, naturally) comes ready, not just to make your day better, but to help you make your own day better. The Flavorwave on the side of the truck allows you to custom-blend flavors til each shaved ice becomes your own unmistakable creation. Owned and operated by the friendliest family around, they have a passion for delivering an experience that'll lift the spirits of any occasion you have planned. And this ice isn't just delicious, it can even be nutritious - ices are available in alterations like vita-blend (with less sugar and more nutrients) or simply sugar-free altogether. To book a party your friends can indulge in without the guilt, hit up Kona and watch the flavors themselves do all the work. Corporate gatherings, youth sporting events, school and church functions….Kona Ice is happy to serve the Seminole and Tampa communities in any and every way possible. MUST TRY
  • Gooba Jojoba - Tiger’s blood mixed with mango- as delightful to eat as it is to say
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