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Gulyas (Goulash) Soup

Sour Cherry Soup (Meggyleves)

Chilled sour cherry soup, whipped cream. Fresh, tart, creamy, perfect starter on a hot day

Steak Tartar (Black Angus Beef)

Ground filet mignon, onion, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, egg yolk on French baguette

Pear, Cranberry, Goat Cheese Arugula Salad

Cheese Spread (Korozott)

Hummus of Hungary. Spread made of sheep and goat cheese, onion, chives and paprika. Served on country bread

Biscuits (Pogacsa)

First thing we serve at the dinner table: bite-sized biscuits with cheese.


Traditional Langos

Plate-sized fried dough that's smothered with sour cream, cheese, and garlic.

Pepper Lovers Langos

Chef's selection of peppers (we can make it spicy, if you like)

Scandinavian Langos

Smoked salmon, caviar, capers, and dill

Stuffed Peppers

Whole peppers stuffed with basmati rice, ground pork tenderloin, vegetables and cooked in tomato sauce.

Stuffed Cabbage (Toltott Kaposzta)

Stuffed Cabbage (Toltott Kaposzta)

Pickled cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice and garnished with sour cream. Rich, savory dish.

Beef Stew (Marha Porkolt)

Stew made of beef, tomato, onion, paprika, cooked to perfection, served with homemade noodles.

Layered Potatoes (Rakott Krumpli)

A baked casserole type of dish made of layers of sliced potatoes, eggs, sausage, sour cream.

Cheese Noodles with Meaty Bacon (Turos Csusza)

Fresh noodles mixed with smoked bacon, farmer cheese, sour cream.

Fried Cheese (Rantott Sajt)

Fried cheese with corn, rice pilaf, homemade tartar sauce.

Chicken Schnitzel (Rantott Csirke Mell)

Fried chicken cutlet with fresh peas, rice, and pickles.

Sautéed Chicken Liver

Sautéed chicken liver with red wine, broiled potatoes, and pickles.

Selection of Mangalitsa Sausages from Mosefund

Selection of sausages. Please ask for more details. Flavors are changing.

Greek Langos

Tzatziki, cherry tomato, English cucumber, and kalamata olives

Sun Dried Tomato Langos

Sun dried tomatoes, herb sausage, with sour cream and cheese

Salmon Langos

Smoked salmon, créme fraiche, capers, caviar, and dill

Herbed Langos

Herbed Dough with Peppers and Prosciutto

Two Cheese Langos

Korozott sheep and cow milk cheese spread with Hungarian paprika, onions, and chives

Chicken Paprikash (Paprikas Csirke)

Perhaps one of Hungary's most recognizable dishes. Creamy, lot of fresh paprika, sour cream with spaetzle (fresh dumplings).


Stuffed Peppers

Country Pickles

Mixed Cabbage Salad

Baby Beet Salad with Chives

Cucumber Salad w/ Paprika & Sour Cream

Cucumber Salad w/ Paprika & Sour Cream



Sweet Cheese Dumplings (Turogomboc)

Sweetened farmer cheese, vanilla beans, lemon zest boiled on hot water, rolled in toasted bread crumbs with vanilla sauce. Incredibly filling, which can be dessert for dinner.

Fan-Tastic Langos

Fan-tastic cow milk cheese, lemon zest, golden & red raisins, bourbon vanilla, raspberry

Nutella Langos

Nutella, banana, and sliced almonds

Fan-Tastic Langos

Fan-tastic cow milk cheese, lemon zest, golden & red raisins, bourbon vanilla, raspberry

About Langos Truck

Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈlaːŋɡoʃ]) is a Hungarian food speciality, a deep fried flat bread made of a dough with flour, yeast, salt and water. Lángos is a dough made of water or milk and flour, with a dash of sugar and salt and fried in oil. Adding sour cream, yoghurt or mashed potatoes to the dough is optional, in the latter case it is called Potato Lángos (in Hungarian krumplis lángos). It is eaten fresh and warm, topped with sour cream and grated cheese, or Liptauer, ham, or sausages, rubbed with garlic or garlic butter, or doused with garlic water. Other ingredients and accompaniments can be mushroom, quark cheese, eggplant, cabbage, kefir, omelet, and a confectioner's sugar or jam. Check out these interesting and delicious bites today!

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