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Makina Cafe

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LocationNew York, NY
7+ Years in business

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Eden Gebre Egziabher of Makina Cafe

Makina Cafe Menu


Lentil Sambusa

Green lentils, herbs, stuffed and wrapped with sheet of phyllo dough served with sauce of your choice.

Beef Sambusa

Ground beef, herbs, stuffed and wrapped with sheet of phyllo dough

Avocado Salad

Avocado, tomato, parsley, lime, olive oil

Fried Cauliflowers

served with mitmita mayo

Tira-Volo meatballs

Tomato Salad


Chicken Tibs Bowl

Cubed Chicken marinated with berbere, onions, garlic, parsley and spiced oil. Gluten Free.

Beef Tibs Bowl

Tender cubed marinated with onions, garlic, fresh rosemary, jalapeño and spiced oil. Gluten Free

Vegetarian Bowl

- Pick three vegetable sides 3. Pick a sauce - lemon & olive oil (mild) -Awaze berebere spice base (medium) -Makina jalapeno base (hot)

Doro Wot

The National dish of Ethiopia is flavored packed (slow cooked for hours) with tender cooked chicken in a fiery berbere sauce topped with boiled egg 1. Pick a base: -Injera - sourdough-risen soft thin flatbread -Yellow basmati rice 2. Pick 2 vegetable sides

Siga Wot

Tender beef stew slow cooked for hours in caramelized onions and berbere sauce. 1. Pick a base: -Injera - sourdough-risen soft thin flatbread -Yellow basmati rice 2. Pick 2 vegetable sides

Afro tacos

Assorted meat and vegetarian injera tacos


Ater Kik (GF, V)

Yellow split peas, onions, ginger, garlic

Gomen (GF, V)

Collard Greens, ginger, garlic, cardamom


Spicy red lentils

Tikel Gomen (GF,V)

Cabbage, carrots, potatoes, ginger

Beets Salad

Beets, red onions, tomato, ginger, parsley


Pureed chick peas, onion, garlic, ginger

Mushroom tibs (GF, V)

mushrooms, berbere, onions, garlic, cardamom


Sautéed string beans and carrots, tomato, red onions


Ethiopian Coffee

Hot or Cold Brewed Ethiopian organic coffee

Pink Peppercorn Lemon

Refreshing pink peppercorn lemon

Juniper Lime

Juniper lime spiced soda with chamomile and elder flower. Refreshing

Turmeric Honey Bush

with orange peel and black pepper

Keren Hot Tea

Ginger and Mint flavored hot tea

Past Catering Events

2 event organizers have booked Makina Cafe using Roaming Hunger

Corporate Catering

May 2023 * New York, NY

90+ attendees

Corporate Catering

September 2023 * New York, NY

70+ attendees

Corporate Catering

May 2023 * New York, NY

90+ attendees

Meet Eden Gebre Egziabher
What is the story behind your business' name?

Born in Ethiopia from parents of Eritrean descent, Makina Cafe founder Eden G. Egziabher was raised amidst a vibrant mix of Ethiopian, Eritrean and Italian cultures. It’s no coincidence that “Makina” translates to “truck” in all three of these countries’ languages, whose cultures combine to create the mosaic of flavors found on the mobile cafe’s menu.

About Makina Cafe

  • Women Owned
  • Minority Owned
  • Black Owned
  • Immigrant Owned
Makina Cafe is an unorthodox food truck, and we mean that in the best way of course. Not only are they serving up authentic Ethiopian and Etritrean food, they're also doing it all out of a food truck. The first food truck, in fact, to do so in New York City. So trust us when we say, you've never had food quite like this. Which is anything but a bad thing. At Makina Cafe, you're being treated to a plethora of meals from recipes passed down over generations. Featuring a bevy of palate pleasers to entertain both meat lovers and vegetarians, they're introducing citizens of the big apple to all the intricacies of Ethiopian cuisine one bite at a time. The best part? Each meal is completely customizable according to your specific tastes. The carnivore is being treated to their specialty chicken and beef tibs, available in a sandwich or on a plate with six vegetable options including collard greens, string beans, and spicy red lentils all marinaded in homemade spices. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the exotic flavors of authentic Ethiopian cuisine by visiting Makina Cafe on the streets of NYC and beyond. Trust us. It's well worth hitting the pavement for. MUST TRY
  • Beef Sambusa - pair your savory meal with this savory appetizer, their specialty fried sambusa stuffed with marinaded beef
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