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My Cupcake Garden Menu

Cupcake Flavors


Banana cupcake with a cocoa frosting


Strawberry cupcake with a strawberry frosting


Pecan cupcake with a pecan caramel glaze

Coconut Pecan

Coconut pecan cupcake with a coconut caramel glaze


Carrot cupcake with pecans and raisins, topped with a cinnamon frosting

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato cupcake with a caramel glaze


Zucchini cupcake with pecans, topped with a vanilla frosting

Bananas and Cream

Bananas and cream cupcake topped with a vanilla cookies and banana frosting

Cocoa Cocoa Chip

Cocoa chip cupcake with a cocoa ganache

Cocoa Red

House red velvet cupcake topped with a cream cheese frosting


Coconut cupcake with a coconut frosting

Vanilla Cocoa Chip with Cocoa

Vanilla cocoa chip cupcake with a cocoa frosting

Vanilla Cocoa Chip and Vanilla

Vanilla cocoa chip cupcake with a vanilla frosting


Lemon and blueberry cupcake with a lemon frosting

Cocoa Cocoa Chip

Cocoa chip cupcake with a cocoa frosting


Apple cupcake with a caramel glaze


Lemon cupcake with a lemon frosting

Peanut Cocoa Chip

Peanut cocoa chip cupcake with a peanut frosting

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and cream cupcake with a cookies and cream frosting

Vanilla and Cocoa

Delicious vanilla cupcake with a cocoa frosting

Vanilla and Caramel

Classic vanilla cupcake with a sea salt caramel glaze

Vanilla Peppermint

Vanilla peppermint cupcake with a peppermint frosting

Rainbow Vanilla

Rainbow vanilla cupcake with a vanilla frosting


Hot Cocoa


Gourmet brewed coffee

Past Catering Events

11 event organizers have booked My Cupcake Garden using Roaming Hunger

Corporate Catering

February 2019 * McKinney, TX

150+ attendees

Corporate Catering

September 2021 * Carrollton, TX

100+ attendees

Corporate Catering

April 2018 * Dallas, TX

65+ attendees

About My Cupcake Garden

My Cupcake Garden is whipping up some of the best desserts in Dallas, TX. No, really, we’re not being hyperbolic. This little company snagged the Food Truck Championship of Texas award for Best Dessert. Suffice to say, that should be more than enough to entice you stop by and sample these goodies. So, what’s the secret to these flawless confections? Simple, it’s the ingredients. The bakers here stick to unbleached soft flour and aluminum-free leavening agents, resulting in a full-bodied sweetness undiluted by any chemical-laden aftertaste. As for flavor options, there’s no shortage of deliciousness. You can sink your teeth into a lemon blueberry cupcake, made with organic wild blueberries. Or, enjoy the saccharine, smooth taste of a red velvet cupcake topped off with cream cheese frosting. Plus, new flavors pop up all the time. Oh, one more thing – they cater. That’s right. You can bring all this award-winning goodness straight to you and your guests, so book with My Cupcake Garden for your next event. Guests will go gaga for this drool-worthy dessert table. MUST TRY Black Cherry Cupcake — Infused with sweet, tart flavor from real black cherries. Yum.

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