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New Orleans Big Easy Sneauxballs & Cuisine

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New Orleans Big Easy Sneauxballs & Cuisine Menu

New Orleans Favorites


A Taste Of New Orleans in a bowl is what you should expect from authentic File’ Gumbo. Our gumbo is filled with Chicken, Turkey sausage and fresh seasonings. Our roux is made with generations of love. You have the option to add seafood for the full NOLA effect or enjoy it as is.

Red Beans And Rice

Authentic creamy New Orleans Red Beans, slowed cooked with turkey sausage and served over a bed of rice.

Crawfish Pasta

This rich and creamy cream of mushroom sauce is infused with fresh garlic and seasoned crawfish tails and stirred into rotini pasta.


Les Geaux Nachos (Let’s Go Nachos)

Best way to describe our Les Geaux Nachos is MARDI GRAS IN YOUR MOUTH! Fresh gluten free nacho chips, covered with nacho cheese and topped with A deliciously seasoned combo of Shrimp, crawfish, chicken and turkey sausage. We suggest you order it fully loaded with all the toppings, for that Le Bon Temp Roulé! Experience!

Shrimp & Crawfish Nachos

Fresh gluten free nacho chips, covered with nacho cheese and topped with A deliciously seasoned seafood boil of mouth watering Shrimp and crawfish mixture.

Gumbo Nachos

Fresh gluten free nacho chips, covered with nacho cheese and topped with chicken and Turkey sausage that comes straight from our authentic New Orleans pot of gumbo! Your Taste Buds Deserves This!!

Regular Ole Nachos

Our delicious and fresh gluten-free nacho chips, topped with hot nacho cheese.


Sneauxball Flavors


Red Velvet Cake

Our red velvet cake is a symbol of love! The moist velvety texture, and delicious And light creamy icing is a showstopper! There’s nothing like a slice of red velvet cake to show how much you love yourself!

Praline Pecan Cheesecake

A true New Orleans treat! Our creamy, rich and thick cheesecake, topped with our one of a kind homemade Praline Pecan sauce, did not come to play! We’ll be prepared for your overwhelming urge to hug us!

Oreo Mousse Cake

In the mood for something truly decadent? Well this is the cake for you! We make it extra Oreo-ie too!

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Heavy on cream cheese please! Our rich and creamy Strawberry cheesecake should be on your bucket list!


3rd Ward Fruit Punch ( Homemade)

Our homemade fruit punch is the best you’ll ever have! A mixture of fruit juices, and a hint of lime!

Uptown (Homemade)

A mixture of fresh brewed sweet tea, and lemonade, just like your auntie used to make!

Bottled Water

Big Shot Soda

New Orleans' Own Big Shot Soda is known throughout the city by the Big Shot caricature in a suit wearing a fedora and smoking a cigar. Outside of New Orleans, the soda or “Cold Drink” as we call it in NOLA is a delicacy. There are over 10 different tasty flavors of Big Shot Soda and It’s known as one of the best brands of soda in the world!

Sneauxballs (Snoballs)

See Sneauxball menu.

About New Orleans Big Easy Sneauxballs & Cuisine

Inspired by the founder's childhood in New Orleans and her grandmother's incredible frozen and fresh treats, this family-owned Southern food haven has created a full-on Cajun cuisine and sneauxball sanctuary in Fairburn, GA. While the granddaughter and her husband started this well-seasoned food affair, it's now run by their daughters, who are continually inspired by their grandmother's mother and her well-known flavor flair.

If you're lookin' for unique Louisiana eats and an array of appealing desserts that'll catch your guests' attention, then New Orleans Big Easy Sneauxballs & Cuisine is your ideal mobile kitchen. Whether you need cool summer treats like those of the grandmother (she called them icebergs and frozen cups), confections of candy apples, beautifully baked goods, or savory snacks and meals that'll fill you up for the whole day, this New Orleans spot is here to save the day. Perfectly seasoned gumbos, rice & beans, crawfish pasta, shrimp and crawfish nachos, mini crawfish pies, and more are what you have in store for savory…but let's talk about the sweets a bit more.

You can't go wrong with red velvet cake, Oreo cheesecake, Strawberry cheesecake, or the seasonal King's Cake…but the sneauxballs are the stars of this ball. Stuff 'em with ice cream, add cake to the bottom, and top 'em with everything from airheads and caramel to Skittles and whipped cream. But the ice flavors are where it's at! Dozens of options like fruity mango, coconut, sour apple, papaya, and pineapple can be mixed with awesome twists like ice cream, buttercream, red velvet cake, spearmint, mojito, and almond. The variations you can make will leave you stunned. Take it easy knowing that New Orleans Big Easy Sneauxballs & Cuisine are the incredible caterers for your favorite family, friends, or company.

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