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Music, comfort food, and good customer service.

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1/4 lb patty and gourmet kaiser bun. You add the toppings


1/4 lb patty with cheese. You add the toppings

Coney Burger

1/4 lb patty, with our authentic Detroit Coney Mix (like a sloppy joe on steroids)

Caliente Burger (Spicy)

1/4 lb burger with habernero sauce, jalapenos and nacho cheese! (Yes, we have free Tums)

Fried Onion Cheeseburger

1/4 lb patty, cheese and Frenchs Fried Onions


Your cardiologist will love you if you finish this beast!

Double Cheese Burger

Pretty much says it all.

CoNey Dogs

Like Chili Dogs? You'll Love our authentic Detroit Coney Dogs! All our dogs are all beef! Our "Big" Dog is Kosher all beef.

Hot Dog

Regular all beef hot dog. You add what you like.

Rockin Burger

Hope your hungry! Our most popular burger is this one! It is 2 - 1/4 lb patties, 2 slices of cheese and 4 strips of bacon.

Rockin Huge Dog

Ahh, one of Rockin Burgers N Dogs originals. 1/4 lb all beef Kosher dog, bacon and nacho cheese!

Dorito Dog

What? Doritos on a dog? You bet! Try it, its another Rockin Burgers N Dogs original. Crumbled Doritos on top of the 1/4 lb Kosher all beef dog with nacho cheese!

Fried Onion Huge Dog

Crunch down on this 1/4 lb Kosher all beef dog. Its the Frenchs Fried Onions on top that give it the crunch! Don't think we forgot about the nacho cheese on top. It's there.

Caliente Dog (Spicy)

Our 1/4 lb Kosher all beef dog with some added kick to it! Free Rolaids! (Seriously, just ask)

Rockin Awesome Nachos

Now we're talking! These are big enough for two! Twice the size of regular nachos, plus we add our signature Detroit Coney Mix, Italian sausage and bacon!

Rockin Taco

Hang on, let us explain. It's not a real taco, its your own personal Big Grab bag of Fritos or Doritos with our authentic Detroit Coney Mix and nacho cheese!

Triple Dog Dare

We dare dare dare you eat this! Its three all beef regular dogs, ONE bun! Good luck!

Reg Combo Or Combo XL

Make any burger or dog a combo or a Combo XL. For a few bucks more. You get a Big Grab size bag of chips (variety to choose from) and a can of pop or small size water. For a Combo XL you get any of our bottle sodas (Faygo, RC Cola Etc.) or large water plus a Big Grab size bag of chips (variety to choose from)


Bacon Nachos

WHOA! Did I read that right? Yes, Yes you did. We take crumbled meat candy and wah la! YUM! (Regular size nachos)

Jumbo Soft Pretzels

With this jumbo soft Bavarian style pretzel we offer it many different ways. 1. Plain - With salt and butter - Cinnamon & Sugar - Parmesan 2. Butter and cream cheese frosting - Butter, salt and nacho cheese 3. Butter and salt with our signature Detroit Coney Mix (Dunk it) 4. Butter and salt with our signature Detroit Coney Mix and Nacho cheese. (Requires more dunking, but... its worth it)

Rockin Nachos

Now you're stepping out a little bit. Regular size nachos with our authentic Detroit Coney Mix on top.


Don't really get much of a description with this except for. Well, they're nachos! You can add fresh diced onions or jalapenos.

Big Grab Bag of Chips

We don't believe those puny little bags of chips should even exist, thats why we have the Big Grab Bags of chips, AND it's a variety to choose from.


Faygo, RC Cola and Pepsi

We have many soft drinks to choose from to calm your thirst needs. Canned Pepsi products, 24oz bottle Faygo's, and even RC Cola.

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What is the story behind your business' name?

Rockin' Burgers N Dogs name comes from my personal love of music and my personal favorite comfort foods. My personal favorite music is 80's rock. Listen as you approach, you'll hear the "Rockin" part.

About Rockin Burgers N Dogs

Rockin Burgers N Dogs is bringing a truly rockin' selection of burgers 'n' dogs to the streets of Casper, Wyoming in style. What style is that? A rockin' food truck trailer, available all year round to deliver only the finest of comfort foods. At Rockin Burgers N Dogs, they're serving burgers and dogs. Which you probably could've figured out based on the namesake alone. But really, that's only the tippy top of the food chain on the menu. Here, you're also getting a myriad of mouthwatering eats on the streets, the heartiest of meals to tackle even the biggest of appetites. From bacon nachos and jumbo sized pretzels along with the snackiest of snacks, you're sure to get your fill. So why wait? Find Rockin Burgers N Dogs in Casper, or invite 'em to cater your next event. They have food, and they're willing to travel. What could be better than that? We'll leave it to them to sum it up: if the trailer's rockin', come knockin'. MUST TRY Rockin' Burger — Two quarter pound patties, two slices of cheese, and two crispy strips of bacon.

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