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About Smoke's Poutinerie Truck NorCal

The mysterious Smoke, as he is hear by known, originally dove into the fine art of poutine for the grandest reason of all - love. Desperate to impress a girl with his skills, he developed a poutine that was unassailable, before perfecting it to become flat-out untouchable. Of course, the thing about love is that once it's ignited, it only knows how to grow. The love of the poutine-making itself soon took hold, and thus Smoke's Poutinerie was born.

Love itself goes into every layered, savory bowl-full, along with almost anything else you could ask for - bacon, hot dog, meatball, peas, mushroom, and of course Quebec cheese curd. All ingredients are carefully arranged into distinct flavor combos to choose from, or you can just go nuts and build your own. After all, love isn't constricted to form, it's bigger than than your imagination. And so's this poutine. In fact, once you're done we think you'll find love and poutine are relatively synonymous.

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