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Chicken Pot Pie

Chunks of chicken and vegetables in a creamy soup with a flaky crust on top.

Potato Turkey Sausage Soup

Chunks of Turkey sausage and potato along with peppers and onions in a thick creamy soup


Slightly on the spicy side but not Hot spiced. Topped with cheese and onions.

Chicken Tortilla soup

Shredded chicken in a spicy chicken broth with fire roasted tomatoes and other veggies and spices. Served with tortilla chips.

Frito Pie

Chili cheese Fritos topped with Chili and then loaded with cheese and scallions. So good.

Zesty Gazpacho

Chilled soup offered summertime only!! VEGETARIAN DISH Peppers, cucumbers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, shallots in a tomato juice based thick and chunky chilled soup.

Black Beans and Ham soup

Cubed ham chunks and seasoned black beans combine with onions and peppers in a chicken broth soup that truly fills the tummy.

Veggie Pasta Bean soup

VEGETARIAN DISH Zucchini, carrots, black and pinto beans along with pasta shells all meld together in a vegetable broth to give a healthy hearty meal for the soul.

Bacon Potato Corn Chowder

I like to add a bunch of black pepper to this soup. The applewood smoked bacon and sweet corn can handle it.

Chicken Gumbo

Chicken, Ocra, tomatoes, rice, peppers, onions and just the right amount of spice will have you flashing back to your gator-hunting days spent down in the bayou. Whoo Chile, I Gare-un-tee.

Burger Noodle soup

Seasoned ground beef with carrots, onions and corn in a tomato juice/broth soup with egg noodles. This He-Man soup might be too much for those on a diet.

Yoshinoya with Rice

Translation is BEEF BOWL w/ rice. I BORROWED the recipe from the California food chain YOSHINOYA. Think Asian flavored French Dip sandwich that is topped with pickled ginger strips.

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken breast topped with homemade marinara and parmesan cheese served on a toasted Bolillo roll. Very popular sandwich.


Two 2-ounce meatballs make a quarter pound of meat topped with homemade marinara and parm/moz cheese blend on a toasted Bolillo roll.

Grilled Cheese

5 cheeses on this classic. American, Colby, Montaree Jack, Mozzarella and Parmesan are melted on Texas toast.

Tomato Basil

Thick rich tomato based soup with heavy cream and basil blended in. Recipe is borrowed from Applebee's and improved by me.

Rotisserie Chicken Salad

Chunks of chicken, celery, scallions, mayo and poultry seasoning are combined to make this crunchy tasty sandwich perfect for any day. Served on a toasted Bolillo roll.

Cheese Steak

Thinly sliced sirloin seasoned well is pared with grilled orange/green peppers and onions then topped with a couple slices of provolone cheese. Served on a toasted Bolillo roll.


My BEST SELLING SANDWICH. 10 slices of bacon, 2 thick slices of tomato and crispy green leaf lettuce. Ranchayo sauce on Texas toast.


Ham, Bacon, Turkey, Swiss & American cheese, lettuce and tomato. Honey mustard, mayo served on Texas Toast.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken breast topped with sliced ham and Swiss cheese served on a toasted Bolillo roll. Honey mustard is the perfect sauce on this one.

Southwest Turkey Melt

Smoked Turkey, Swiss cheese and a homemade Southwest sauce served on Texas toast. Just the right amount of kick. A BEST SELLER

Loose Meatloaf Sandwich

All the same flavors and ingredients of your mamma's meatloaf but kept loose like a MAID-RITE burger or ROSEANN's Loose Meat sandwich. Topped with Adobo ketchup and served on Texas toast.

Jamaican Pulled Pork

Not KC BBQ style pulled pork. Cider Vinegar basting sauce. Not MILD or Wild heat. Topped with rings of shallot and jalapeno and served on a toasted Bolillo roll.

Italian Wedding soup

Mini meatballs, pepe pasta and spinach in a chicken broth based soup.


Boston Cream Pie**

Butter cake is cored and filled with vanilla pudding and topped with chocolate frosting. **Filled cupcakes are more expensive


Half vanilla, half chocolate cupcake with Strawberry frosting. **Multi-flavored cupcakes are more expensive

Black & White

Chocolate Fudge cake with Vanilla frosting. A Classic.


Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. This is the cake I would request for every birthday, so I named it after myself.

Orange CreamCicle

Orange cake and vanilla frosting. One bite will have you flashing back to the days you chased down the Ice-Cream Man and wagged your bag of change at him. Smiling from the brain freeze you got after biting into that Orange CreamCicle popcicle.


Butter cake with vanilla frosting topped with a vanilla flavored sandwich cookie.

Cookies N Creme

White cake with chocolate sandwich cookies crumbled in the batter. Vanilla frosting is topped with more cookie crumbles. VERY POPULAR ITEM

Pineapple Dream

Pineapple cake topped with vanilla frosting. I think of my Grandma when I make these, she loved Pineapple upside down cake.

Dirty Snowball**

White cake cored and filled with chocolate pudding and then topped with vanilla frosting. **FILLED CUPCAKES ARE MORE EXPENSIVE

Pretty Pretty Princess

Yellow butter cake with Strawberry frosting and topped with sprinkles. For when PRETTY just isn't PRETTY ENOUGH.

O.D. on Chocolate

Overdose of chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate chips and chocolate frosting. BEST SELLER

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Strawberry cake covered with a dark chocolate frosting. Buy an extra one for your sweetheart.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry cake with Cream Cheese frosting.

Caramel Dream

Butter cake with Caramel frosting. POPULAR ITEM


SukR Punch

SSaaCC Lunch's own creation. A combination of a couple of Kool-Aid flavors and a lot of Tang. Very refreshing any time of day. Sorry, alcohol is not provided for punch.

Diet Coke, Coke, Sprite, Water

I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING IN PERFECT HARMONY!! What can i say - we're a Coca-Cola products truck

About SSaaCC Lunch

If you spot a revamped FedEx van rolling through Kansas City, MO, you better hope you’re hungry. Why? Because you’ve stumbled upon SSaaCC Lunch. This food truck and catering company dishes out a bounty of forever fashionable all-American comfort foods. You’d be remiss not to hunker down for a hearty meal here. The menu sports plenty of classic no-frills fare, dishes your folks probably whipped up when you had a rough day as a child. You can grab a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup served up with a thick slice of garlic bread. Or, go for some tomato basil soup instead to pair with a good old-fashioned grilled cheese. And don’t forget to grab a homemade cupcake for dessert. Really, it’s the perfect meal to cure what ails you, so you know where to go the next time you need a pick me up. Or, don’t go to them. Bring ‘em to you by booking SSaaCC Lunch for your next event. All this mood-boosting food will ensure guests will have a good time. MUST TRY Pretty Princess Cupcake — A fluffy vanilla cupcake topped off with a dollop of pink frosting smothered in rainbow sprinkles. As cute as it is delicious.

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