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Street Foods Co

Popup Catering, Cart, Food Truck
Orange County, CA
9+ Years on Roaming Hunger

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Hot Wings (3)

Sticky, spicy wings with roasted garlic bourbon glaze and buttermilk ranch dipping sauce, served with a side fresh carrots, celery, blue cheese or ranch sauce.

Fireball Whisky Tri-tip Slider

Grilled Tri-tip slow cooked in Fireball Whisky BBQ Sauce, served in hot toasted Brioche Bun.


Citrus Chicken Slider Shots

Citrus crispy chicken, praline bacon, and Buffalo blue cheese, served with a side of fries

Seared Beef Slider Shots

Seared beef, white cheddar, and jalapeño arugula, served with a side of fries

Burrito Bowl

Char-grilled chicken, beans, garlic rice, sweet corn, served with chips and salsa

Dos Grande Tacos

Flavored with arugula, mango, and honey Dijon chile, served with rice and beans


Char-grilled chicken with veggies and a cucumber dill dipping sauce, served with basmati rice and wheat berry salad

Surf n' Turf Burger

Freshly hand-formed Angus beef, topped with grilled shrimp, gourmet cheeses, and signature remoulade spread on toasted brioche bun

Blue Crab Taco

Real blue crab meat, five gourmet cheeses, fresh eggs with caramelized onions, bell pepper, yellow corn tortillas

Korean BBQ Pork Taco

Slow cooked smoked pork with Korean Bulgogi sauce, arugula, fresh cucumber, Japanese serrano tomatillo chile, yellow corn tortillas.

YUM Burger Slider

Fresh Angus beef, hand formed topped with bleu and gourmet cheeses, remoulade, arugula, on toasted brioche bun

BBQ Chicken Grilled Cheese

Grilled fresh chicken breast (white meat only) in old Kansas Bbq sauce with a nice kick, gourmet cheeses, on toasted sourdough

Asada Taco

Carne asada in homemade asada seasonings, topped with cilantro, onions, lime, cheese, avocado verde chile or habanero rojo chile on a yellow corn tortilla

Carne Asada Taco

Grilled Flank Steak topped with cilantro, onion, lime, cheese, serrano chile (mild) or habanero rojo chile (hot) on a yellow corn tortilla.

Crispy Chicken Tenders

Crispy chicken breast, choice of: buffalo blue cheese or Kansas BBQ Sauce.

Tempura Shrimp or Fish Taco

Mango, Tomato, Cilantro Arugula Feta Lime Housemade Chile Sauces

Roasted Chicken Maison Flat Bread

Chicken roasted and slow cooked in maison, Avocado, Crispy Shallots, Arugula, and Balsamic Garlic Creme

Fireball Whisky Tri-tip Tacos

Grilled tri-tip slow cooked in guajillo chili and topped with Fireball Whisky Southern BBQ sauce, pineapple, and gourmet cheeses on yellow corn tortillas


Freshly hand-formed angus beef topped gourmet cheeses, signature remoulade spread,arugula, tomato, and served on a toasted brioche bun.

Barbacoa Taco

Barbacoa style flank steak, marinated, braised and slow cooked in five red chile juices (not spicy), smoked and grilled topped with cilantro, onion, lime, cheese, serrano chile (mild) or habanero rojo chile (hot) on a yellow corn tortilla

Smoked Chicken Tacos

Smoked white meat chicken, lightly glazed topped with cilantro, lime, cheese, serrano verde chile (mild) corn tortillas

Carnitas Taco

Pork carnitas marinated in orange juice, slow cooked until fall-off-the-bone tender, topped with cilantro, onion, lime, cheese, roasted chile crema, serrano chile (mild) or habanero rojo chile (hot) on a yellow corn tortilla

Cali Cheese Steak Sando

Smoked sirloin seasoned and sautéed with bell peppers and onions, layered with gourmet cheese toasted on fresh hoagie bread

Gyro Taco

Gyro style lamb and beef sautéed with Mediterranean spices, topped with cilantro, grilled onions, bell peppers, lime, feta cheese, cucumber dill sauce and chile verde on a flour tortilla

3 Street Taco Plate (Choose up to 3 proteins to be offered on-site)

3 tacos with choice of protein and choice of toppings including tomato, onions, cilantro, arugula, feta, lime, serrano verde chile (mild), habanero rojo chile (hot), honey dijon chile, roasted crema sauce, smoky tomatillo-pineapple salsa, and mango-guacamole salsa on warm yellow corn tortillas.

Fireball Whisky Tri-Tip Sliders

Grilled tri-tip slow cooked in guajillo chili and topped with Fireball Whisky Southern BBQ sauce, pineapple, and gourmet cheeses on toasted brioche bun.

Lettuce Taco Wrap

(Choose 2 proteins to be available on site.) with choice of protein and side toppings include sweet pickled cucumber, julienne carrots & jicama, fresh bean sprouts , peanut sauce, miso ginger sauce, lime, mango salsa on butter lettuce.

Smoked Pulled Pork Slider

Grilled and slow cooked pork in tamarind naranja brind with sweet, spicy, and tangy Korean inspired BBQ sauce and gourmet cheeses on toasted brioche bun.

PESTO BASIL Pasta Bowl + Garlic bread

Fresh tomatoes, pesto, basil, gourmet cheese and garlic bread.

Grilled Shrimp Taco

Sautee'd in garlic onion butter, housemade seasoning, arugula, fresh shredded cabbage, cilantro,mango, lime, feta, japanese chile creme. sauce

Tempura Fish Taco

Crispy fried in housemade Tempura Batter, arugula, fresh cabbage, cilantro, onions, mango, lime, feta, japanese chile creme.

Lobster & Red Rock Shrimps in Mini Brioche Bun with Singapore Chilli Sauce

Lobster and Red Rock Shrimp chunks sauteed in garlic butter, lemon, chives, topped with Singapore Chilli Sauce.


Chips and Salsa

Rice and Beans


Choice of Plain or Seasoned (garlic parmesan)

Mixed Green Salad

Arugula, Spring Mix Greens, Cherry Tomato, Feta, and house made dressing.

Chips & Salsa


Seasoned with garlic parmesian shoestring french fries



With salted caramel, whipped cream, and chocolate

About Street Foods Co

The folks at Street Foods Co operate out of a truck that’s a nod to Orange County, CA’s rich history. It’s decked out to look like the trolleys that once graced the streets of the Golden State. The cuisine served onboard, however, is a nod to the owner’s Asian heritage. Here, you’ll find a bounty of baja-style Asian eats packed with seriously powerful flavor. Everything served is made from fresh, local ingredients, making the bold flavor typical of this fare all the bolder. You can grab some tacos stuffed with tempura fish or shrimp coated in a savory batter. Or, try one with the rich flavor of bulgogi pork. Quesadilla lover? You won’t find more decadent quesadillas this side of the OC. Stomach rumbling? Then head on out to Street Foods Co and give this full-bodied flavor a try. If you love it, book ‘em for your next event. It’s a surefire crowd-pleaser. MUST TRY Blue Crab Quesadilla — Succulent chunks of ocean fresh crab meat plus tangy cheese served between a quesadilla fried up until crisp and golden brown.

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