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7+ Years in business

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We would love to be your new favorite cheesecake.

Michael Vespa of Sweetie's Cheesecakes

Sweetie's Cheesecakes Menu


Sweetie's Plain Cheesecake

Sweetie's Plain cheesecake is anything but plain. Our recipe for our plain goes back to the very beginning in the late 80's when Michael began making cheesecake. A sweet buttery crust awaits you at the bottom of the jar.

Sweetie's Signature Cheesecake

Here is the cheesecake that started it all. Wanting more from a plain cheesecake, we added just a little bit of lemon and orange zest to the filling to excite your palate. Our Signature cheesecake is topped with a sweet sour cream topping to give it a luxurious and decadent appeal.

Sweetie's Chocolate Cheesecake

Sweetie's Chocolate cheesecake is nearly a perfect chocolate combination. We are using a premium Bensdorp cocoa powder in our cheesecake filling as well as in our crust, all topped with a luscious Callebaut chocolate ganache. Chocolate heaven.

Sweetie's Mango Habanero Cheesecake

A sweet burn. Our Mango Habanero Cheesecakes lures you in with the thought of sweet mango. We add a subtle swirl of fresh mango puree on the top of our cheesecake to draw you close. Now taste. Count 3, 2, 1 and you start to get that back of the throat heat that you love from the habanero peppers. It goes so nice with the tropical mango. Our sweet, buttery graham cracker crust is at the bottom of the jar. A special treat for lovers of sweet heat.

Sweetie's Whiskey Peach Cheesecake

We use beautifully ripe East Texas Peaches from Winona Orchards. Yes, we use the freshest, tree-ripened peaches; there is no other way. After peeling the peaches, we cut them into chunks and cook them in a little sugar and Firestone and Robertson’s TX Whiskey. Using a natural peach flavor in the batter, the peaches are added to each cheesecake lovingly by hand. We make a peach caramel that we swirl on top, while our buttery, sweet, graham cracker crust is at the bottom of the jar.

Sweetie's Blackberry Cheesecake

Using the sweetest blackberries, we make a blackberry coulis by lightly cooking our blackberries with a little sugar. We puree and strain the coulis with a fine-mesh strainer and add the seedless coulis to our cheesecake. We top this off with a blackberry coulis swirl. A chocolate cookie crust blankets the bottom of the jar.

Sweetie's Wild Blueberry Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love blueberries? We use a wild blueberry for starters. The smaller the berry, the sweeter the juice. We cook the blueberries lightly in a little sugar and some lemon zest then we add cups of blueberries to each batch of cheesecakes offering just enough blueberries for a surprise on your spoon. We fold in wisps of blueberry juice from the berries into our batter and swirl a beautiful dark blueberry swirl on the top. Blueberry through and through. Our sweet, buttery graham cracker crust is at the bottom of the jar.

Sweetie's Lavender Cheesecake

When you first try Sweetie's Lavender Cheesecake, you will feel like you are standing in a field of fresh lavender in the French countryside. When you open the jar, you'll see a pillowy layer of sweet sour cream topping. As you spoon into the cheesecake you will smell a sweet floral note as you discover lavender buds throughout the batter. A subtle lavender flavor excites your senses. You are reminded that there is a sweet buttery graham cracker crust at the bottom of the jar.

Meet Michael Vespa
What is the story behind your business' name?

Sweetie was my dearly departed kitty cat. Love you, Sweetie.

About Sweetie's Cheesecakes

Sweetie's Cheesecakes is bringing something totally sweet to the streets of Dallas, and we bet you can guess just what that is. It's cheesecakes. Simple, delicious, simply delicious cheesecakes. That's it, but it's so much more than that, as these cheesecake connoisseurs have made this decadent dessert personal size in a mason jar, making it all the easier to get your fix. This mobile vendor is sticking to Texan standards, serving cheesecake that's bigger and better than the rest. Okay, maybe not in size, but definitely in flavor. Here, they've updated the regular ol' cheesecake for the better, infusing lemon and orange zest to please your palate. But that's not all. Sweetie's Cheesecakes come in a myriad of mouthwatering flavors, from seasonal specialties like pumpkin pie cheesecake to decadent chocolate and original cheesecake with a buttery, melt in your mouth crust awaiting you at the bottom of the jar. If this sounds totally sweet to you, find Sweetie's Cheesecakes popping up at local fairs and festivals, or invite 'em to make your next event all the sweeter for it. It's a sweet way to satisfaction, that's for sure. MUST TRY
  • Chocolate - the newest flavor to the cheesecake bunch features premium cocoa powder infused in creamy cheesecake and crust, finished with chocolate ganache for chocoholic heaven
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