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Tiger's Blood

Fan favorite blend of watermelon, strawberry & a hint of coconut!


Much like the tropical fruit our pineapple is perfectly tart and sweet!

Silver Fox

A sweet mixture of vanilla and coconut that's bound to have you hooked!

Bahama Mama

A different take on the fruity piña colada but the sweet taste and attractive color will have you hearing waves..


B is for Bananas - B.A.N.A.N.A.S

Blue Cotton Candy

As one of the sweetest flavors on the menu, our delectable Blue Cotton Candy is guaranteed to satisfy your sugar craving!

Blue Raspberry

An excellently simple flavor that one can't resist


Bold and refreshing is the way to describe, not only the flavor, but the appearance of our BLUEberry.


Perfectly delicious! One spoon of our bold Cherry will have your mouth-watering.


Rich, sweet, creamy coconut.


A refreshing blast of citrus with a hint of mint.


Loyal and true, you wont be disappointed with our sweet grape.

Green Apple

Wonderfully tart and sweet - add a little sour spray for lip puckering fun!


As sweet and tasty as the real thing, just without the seeds.


Delicate and delicious, our lime isn't tart; however, you can request fresh lime for your own Salty Frog.


Bright, delicious and crave-able! Tango anyone?

Birthday Cake

As a sweet tooth satisfier, it's everything you want of a birthday cake, even optional sprinkles!


The ice will be soft and the flavor will sure to be sweet. You are going to love our guava!


Beautiful color and a ripe taste, you can't go wrong with this staple.


Soft in texture and fresh in flavor, as if you plucked one off a tree yourself.

Piña Colada

If you listen closely you can hear the waves .... of people lining up to order this fantastically creamy flavor.

Pink Lemonade

Not a fan of the overwhelmingly sweet? Give pink lemonade a try for a refreshing, summer-time getaway.


Imagine eating a fresh, frozen strawberry only much softer, light and without the seeds.


A crowd-favorite mixer, our authentic vanilla is rich and delicious.


Consistently sweet and delicious. Plus you never have to worry about eating a seed!

Wedding Cake

Resembling most to a Wal-Mart sugar cookie, each bite gets more and more delectable.



Grape, Blueberry, Green Apple


Banana & Strawberry


Banana & Mango

Blood Monkey

Banana & Tigers Blood

Cake By The Ocean

Birthday Cake & Wedding Cake


Vanilla & Hint of Grape

Cherry Limeade

Cherry, Lime & Daiquiri


Orange & Vanilla


Blue Raspberry & Green Apple


Blueberry & Grape

Frozen Fusion

Banana & Blue Cotton Candy

Fruit Fusion

Strawberry, Kiwi & Watermelon

Let's Tango

Tigers Blood & Mango


Strawberry, Mango & Piña Colada

Miami Tornado

Mango & Guava

Mickey Mouse

Cherry, Banana & Vanilla

Ocean Freeze

Blue Cotton Candy & Silver Fox

Oh Baby!

Pineapple & Blue Raspberry

Okie Sunset

Strawberry, Peach & Orange


Peach & Strawberry


Pineapple & Mango

Pink Raspberry

Pink Lemonade & Blue Raspberry


Any choice of RED BLUE GREEN

Rock N' Roll

Grape, Blueberry & Blue Raspberry


Blue Raspberry & Blue Cotton Candy

Star Wars

Blueberry & Vanilla


Cherry, Strawberry & Orange

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry & Daiquiri

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry & Vanilla


Grape & Pink Lemonade

Tongue Twister

Green Apple & Watermelon


Blue Raspberry & Silver Fox

About The Frozen Elephant

Eli Chenoweth has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years, opening up The Frozen Elephant when he was only 15. Named after an elephant statue he kept at his former flea market booth, this shaved ice trailer is now a staple for residents across the four state area hankering for a cool, sweet treat. Shaved ice is a perennial favorite of the dessert world due in no small part to its light, fluffy texture. This allows it to thoroughly sap up flavored syrups, resulting in a sweet taste you won’t get from a run-of-the-mill snow cone. The melt in your mouth sensations sold here come in a wide array of flavors you can mix and match. Either create your own concoction or try one of the custom blends like a delicate medley of peach and strawberry or the saccharine taste of birthday and wedding cake combined. Sound delicious? Then we’ve got good news. The Frozen Elephant caters, so feel free to book ‘em for your next event. A shaved ice dessert table? Sounds like a winner to us. MUST TRY Northern Lights — A tart mix of blue raspberry, sour apple, and sour cherry.

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