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New York, NY
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Chicken Satay

Grilled strips of succulent chicken marinated overnight in a blend of thai spices and coconut milk served alongside a peanut dipping sauce, cucumber salad, and sticky rice

Bao Buns

Pillowy, fluffy bao buns drizzled with hoisin sauce, pickles, ginger, and crispy fried onions

Moo Ping Pork Skewers with Nam Jim Glaze

Mouth watering pork skewers glazed with Warung's Nam Jim Sauce - a sweet, tangy, spicy sauce packed with fresh Thai herbs. Served with jasmine rice


Pad Thai

Bangkok street style tangy wok-fried noodles with tofu, scallions, bean sprouts, egg and peanut.

Pad Thai + add on

Bangkok street style tangy wok-fried noodles with tofu, scallions, bean sprouts, egg and peanut with choice of bbq pork, chicken satay, or bbq shroom

Shitake Mushroom Holy Basil Stir Fry

Sweet and spicy stir fry loaded with Shitake mushrooms, peppery Thai holy basil and red bell peppers

BBQ Pork over Jasmine Rice

succulent slices of roast BBQ pork with hoisin sauce and fried shallots served over jasmine rice

Warung Crackling Pork Belly over Jasmine Rice

Rich pork belly with a delectably crispy skin

Errrmylaarb Moo

Fiery, sweet and tangy ground pork salad loaded with mint, Thai Basil, cilantro, and crispy fried shallots. Served with jasmine rice

Grilled Flank Steak Waterfall Style

Slices of juicy seared flank steak with fresh mint, cilantro, and thai basil, topped with pomegranate seeds and toasted rice powder for an extra crunch. served with jasmine rice

Wok Fried Chinese Broccoli

Wok-fried Chinese broccoli in a light gravy with fresh garlic.

Errrmylaarb Eggplant

Fiery, sweet and tangy salad with wok-fried Japanese eggplant loaded with fresh mint, Thai basil, cilantro and crispy fried shallots. Served over jasmine rice

Pork Holy Basil Stir Fry

Sweet and spicy minced pork stir fry loaded with peppery Thai holy basil and red bell peppers. Served over jasmine rice.

Seared Hanger Steak Waterfall Style

Slices of tender grilled hanger steak with fresh mint, cilantro, Thai basil, fried crispy shallots and toasted rice

Morning Glory Stir Fry

Mild greens with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor wok-fried with a sweet and spicy gravy with fresh garlic, red bell peppers, and Thai chilis. Served over jasmine rice

Tofu Satay Skewers + Warung Peanut Sauce

Skewers of grilled tofu marinated in a blend of Thai spices and coconut milk served alongside Warung's homemade peanut sauce. Served with jasmine rice

Warung Green Curry

Green curry with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, red bell peppers, coconut milk and fresh Thai basil. Served with Jasmine rice.


Warung Som Tam Papaya Salad

spicy, sweet and tangy shredded papaya and market veggies with crushed peanuts, cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs

Cucumber Salad

Sweet and sour salad of cucumbers and julienned carrots sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds

Wing Bean Salad With Coconut and Roasted Peanuts

Fresh and light salad of wing beans and Thai herbs tossed with crispy fried shallots and roasted peanuts and a tangy coconut dressing

Thai Elote Off The Cob

Traditional Mexican street corn with a Thai twist. Fresh roasted corn shaved off the cob and tossed with cotija cheese, kaffir lime and a creamy coconut dressing

Warung Seaweed Salad

Locally grown leafy lettuces with seaweed, slivered almonds, and crispy fried shallots. sesame ginger dressing

Crispy Paratha

Buttery, flaky, crispy street style pancakes

About Warung Roadside

Warung Roadside seeks to recreate the experience of eating at a street cart in Bangkok on the streets of Brooklyn, and by the looks of it, they've succeeded. And then some. Because they've dedicated themselves to Thai traditions, honoring authenticity by sourcing ingredients from Thailand to add to that exotic flavor and full bodied taste. At Warung Roadside, you're getting the freshest experience around. Not only is each meal a decisive twist on classic meals, they're also using only the freshest quality ingredients, including local organic produce and antibiotic/hormone free meat from local farms. Get their savory pad thai featuring tender noodles in a peanut-y sauce topped with even more crushed peanuts in a cone. Yup, you read that right. It's called street food for a reason, because they've made it accessible on the go and easy to eat for your convenience. But that's not all. Warung Roadside is curbing hunger on the curb by offering up other Thai specialties including chicken satay, bao buns filled with BBQ pork, and carefully crafted signature items depending on the event. They're just accommodating like that. Track down Warung Roadside on the side of the road in Brooklyn, New York, or have 'em bring those wholly delicious eats off the streets to your next event. It's sure to be a uniquely satisfying experience in more ways than one. MUST TRY
  • BBQ Mushroom Bun - a tender steamed bun is filled with sauteed mushrooms and bok choy, finished with their signature BBQ sauce for your enjoyment
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