Finding A Crepe Like No Other on the Parisian Streets

I just ate the best crepe I’ve ever had in my entire life. I realize this is a bold statement because they’re so common throughout France and even all over the world, but I really mean it. And it’s all thanks to Thomas Roche and Arnaud Royant, the owners of Korrigans, a Parisian food truck that specializes in the cuisine of Brittany, a region in the northwest of France. Since crepes and galettes (the crepes savoury cousin) are native to Brittany, that’s the centerpiece of their menu. I found Korrigans tucked away on the bank of the canal de l’Ourcq at a bar called Point Éphémère. Point Éphémère‘s kitchen was closed for two weeks, so the bar invited a series of food trucks to serve food to their patrons. Unlike most restaurants in Paris, Korrigans serves generous portions at extremely reasonable prices. I tried two galettes, two crepes, and a homemade dessert, and everything I ate was made fresh with locally-sourced ingredients.

Korrigans Food Truck Owners
Korrigans Food Truck Owners

The galettes were wonderfully savory. One had ham and included egg and two types of cheese: emmental and comte. Typically galettes only use emmental, but Thomas and Arnaud decided to blend in comte for extra flavor. The other had sausage from Toulouse, a blend of emmental and comte, mustard and caramelized onions. Both galettes were cheesy and savory – a perfect accompaniment with any beer. Both galettes also came with a side salad topped with homemade vinaigrette, making it feel like a complete  meal.

Korrigans Galette and Salad
Galette and Salad

Next up was the crepe du jour with a filling of apples, sugar, rum, mint leaves, and raisins. Lastly, the homemade dessert, the delice Korrigan, was comprised of crushed up butter cookies from Brittany called Palets Bretons, caramelized apple, and whipped cream. Served cold, the delice Korrigan reminded me of an apple crumble, but the butter cookies give it a slightly different texture.

Korrigans Crepe
Fresh crepe cooking up

Everything was extremely delicious, but if you’re prepared to change the way you think about crepes forever, then you absolutely have to try their salted butter caramel crepe. The batter is made fresh, cooked right in front of you and topped with a heaping mound of smooth homemade caramel, whipped cream and has a tiny hint of salt. This crepe is so delicious that even though I was full when it was served, I ate the whole thing and could have easily had a second.

Korrigans Food Truck and Owners

Owners, Thomas and Arnaud, serve Breton food, because it evokes feelings of friendship and good times for them and they clearly infuse that conviviality into their food. I’m still not exactly sure how they do it, but they have somehow managed to take the crepe to a whole new level.

– David Martin Cohen, Traveling Guest Contributor