Four Last Minute Gifts for the Foodie Fanatic

No pressure or anything, but there are only a few days left until Christmas and if you’re like many people, you probably still have a few gifts left to purchase. There could be a number of reasons as to why you’re still shopping…aside from procrastination. Maybe you’re just now learning about what someone special in your family really wants, or maybe you picked one gift, but upon bringing it home, you realized that the gift just isn’t…right. Whatever the situation may be, don’t panic. If you’re trying to shop for the foodie lover in your life, we have some great appliances and ideas just for you.

Le Creuset ® Signature 1.75 qt. Cream Saucepan with Lid
Le Creuset ® Signature 1.75 qt. Cream Saucepan with Lid – Crate & Barrel

Never Go Wrong With New Pots and Pans

The holidays are a great time to give gifts that you know will be used not just for the next few days or weeks, but for the next few years. There’s nothing more exciting than getting new pots and pans, especially when you know the pots and pans you currently have are super old and barely working to your standard. Williams-Sonoma and Crate and Barrel are probably one of the best places to purchase some outstanding pots and pans that are not only sturdy, but also they’re reliable and will last for quite some time…and they look good.

ez DRY by Excalibur
ez DRY by Excalibur

Put a Bow on a Cool Appliance

Now giving an appliance can be tricky. You want to make sure you’re giving the gift of appliances to someone you KNOW will love it. There’s nothing worse than giving an appliance only for the recipient to open the gift and them have a look either confusion, frustration of a little bit of both. Once you know who will truly appreciate a cool appliance – and use it – try giving a dehydrator as a gift. It’s better than giving a mixer or a toaster and you can create some good and healthy snacks. With a dehydrator like one from ez DRY by Excalibur, you can make some amazing treats and snacks including banana chips, dehydrated tomatoes, jerky, and kale chips to name a few.

Crock Pot Slow Cooker
Crock Pot Slow Cooker

Slow Cook Your Way Into Someone’s Heart

You can never go wrong with a slow cooker, especially if it’s for the person who doesn’t have time to actually hang out in the kitchen and whip up a meal. Or better yet, they can’t cook at all. Slow cookers are perfect – just throw in some ingredients, turn the slow cooker on low and head out the door. You can make some tasty dishes using a slow cooker and you don’t’ have to worry about cleaning up a ton of pots and pans. We would recommend looking into Crock-Pot, Cuisinart and Bed, Bath and Beyond for useful (and colorful) slow cookers to give for Christmas.

Cooking Class
Cooking Class –

Give a Cooking Class

Sometimes it pays to think outside of the box. Maybe you’re spent with giving appliances and want to try something different. For the foodie fan in your life, try giving the gift of a cooking class at a well renowned place. Sur La Table, a company that has more than 100 stores nationwide, is not only known for their amazing appliances and kitchen tools for sale, but they have cooking classes. Your brother, sister, mother or even significant other can go into a Sur La Table location and learn how to make a number of things including learning how to make fresh pasta, learn how to roll sushi or even make one of your favorite desserts.

– Roaming Hunger