8 Deliciously Healthy Vegan Food Trucks

Veganism is becoming more of a staple in our everyday diets. With horror stories about farm factories and for some health reasons, people are making the switch from a strictly carnivore diet to a strictly vegan diet. While many people are making the cruelty free switch, there are still misnomers about being a vegan, like all you can eat are vegetables, your meals will all be bland and boring, etc. Not true at all! Lucky for us, there are dedicated chefs around the world here to prove the naysayers wrong. Below are a list of eight – though there are many more – of the best vegan food trucks in the country that can prove to any nonbeliever just how delicious vegan dishes really are.

the vegan yachtthe vegan yacht









The Vegan Yacht: Austin, TX

The Vegan Yacht is run by Daniel and her husband Mike, who were sick of chemicals in their food. This couple is striving to make the world cruelty free by working hard to make the vegan diet more available. The truck is famous for being a microwave-free zone, and their dishes follow the “no fried stuff” mantra. Plus, the chefs on The Vegan Yacht cook their food with distilled water. 100% organic, The Vegan Truck only use the best ingredients, with little to no sodium.

Must Try: Freeto Burrito, organic tempeh chili and corn chips vegan cheese n’ avocado wrapped up in a flour tortilla and grilled to perfection.

shimmy shack truck

Shimmy Shack Chili










Shimmy Shack: Ann Arbor, MI

The Shimmy Shack is Michigan’s first and only vegan and gluten free food truck. The truck prides itself on being both vegan, and sexy. Their goal at Shimmy Shack is to dispel the belief that vegan food is bland, boring and to help increase the daily intake of fruits and vegetables. The truck serves up America’s favorite food, burgers and fries, nachos, and shakes.

Must Try: The chili. Sweet potato,  black bean chili.

cinnamon snail truckCinnamon Snail Truck - Beast Mode Burger Deluxe

The Cinnamon Snail: New York, NY

The Cinnamon Snail has named itself, “The Country’s Most Raunchy Mobile Vegan Organic Restaurant.” The Cinnamon Snail can be found throughout New York and New Jersey for public events and private catering, and has one of the most extensive lists of gourmet Vegan options in the country. The truck actually serves Asian Fusion for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and pastries. The Cinnamon Snail is one of the most successful food trucks in America. In fact, they are so successful, they have written their own cookbook, “Street Vegan,” and have even opened up their own brick-and-mortar, which is located 33rd Street and 7th Ave. in Manhattan.

Must Try: Beastmode Burger Deluxe: Ancho chili seitan burger grilled in maple bourbon bbq sauce with jalapeno mac n cheese, arugula, smoked chili coconut bacon, and chipotle mayo on a grilled pretzel bun.

gmonkey truck gmonkey mobile farm 2 street burger


GMonkey: Durham,CT

GMonkey is the world’s first all vegetarian/vegan mobile, eco friendly kitchen. GMonkey’s motto is, “Breaking any stereotypes of typical street vending foods and redefining them in a totally green, proactive, innovative way.” Their menus change weekly, but are always 100% vegan, organic, and handcrafted.

Must Try: Farm 2 Street Black Bean and Chipotle Burger. Served on a fresh made organic bun with toasted pumpkin seed pesto and house red pepper nayo with lettuce and tomato.

VGrits TruckVGrits - Loaded Mac

V-Grits: Louisville, KY

V-Grits is Louisville’s own, “Stick-to-yo-ribs, hearty, healthy, soul-food with a soul, Southern-style, Vegan food truck.” This truck wants to provide people with healthier comfort food, and they make all of their own sauces, dressings, and cheeses on the truck. V-Grits is chef-owned by Kristina J. Addington, who was the first vegan chef to win Cutthroat Kitchen, a Food Network culinary competition.

Must Try: Loaded Mac. A full plate of creamy mac & cheese topped with BBQ, Classy Sassy sauce, parsley, and bacon.

Homegrown SmokerHomegrown Smoker - Krusty Burger

Homegrown Smoker: Portland, OR

Homegrown Smoker is Portland’s best all vegan BBQ joint. Their vegan dishes are slow smoked with cured applewood smoke. These dishes contain no milk and no dairy, but rather the “…pure smokey goodness in the form of cruelty free comfort.” Using mainly local ingredients, you can enjoy smoked tofu, and soy curd combination when you visit Homegrown. This truck can turn any meat lover into a cruelty free supporter.

Must Try: Krusty Burger. Jalapeno, corn crusted, smoked, field roast patty. Raw greens, pickles, and tomatoes on a grilled bun.

the frankenstandThe Frankenstand hot dogs


FrankenStand – Los Angeles,CA

The FrankenStand provides 100% vegan, spooky-themed cuisine, hence the name. This trucks serves up delicious vegan hotdogs and sausages all over the Los Angeles area. One of the best parts about the truck is they have a D.I.Y condiment bar free of charge! That alone should get you to check this truck out if you happen to see it on a curb near you.

Must Try: The Franken. A frighteningly delicious sausage with a monster mash up of sundried tomatoes and basil.


Soul Vegetarian ExpressSoul Vegetarian Express Sloppy Joe

Soul Vegetarian Express: Chicago, IL

Soul Vegetarian Express is the product of a partnership between Soul Vegetarian, Chicago’s longest running Vegan Restaurant, and the owners of Ste Martaen, a family-owned vegan cheese producer. The truck has a rotating menu dictated by their customers – a cool trait you don’t often hear about. Reason behind the “on-demand” vegan menu? The owners of the truck claim to not sell anything to the public that they would not feed their children.

Must Try: Sloppy Joe – Sietan Sloppy Joe on a whole wheat bun with pickles

– Guest Contributor, Cara Meyers