Why Everyone Is Ordering In: 5 Reasons Why Food Trucks Increase Employee Productivity

At many businesses, lunch is a dreary affair. Some workers grab unappetizing takeout meals, which they eat alone in their cars. Others trudge down to a dimly lit office cafeteria, a place where they’re served mystery meats and stale breads. Still others force down hastily-made bagged sandwiches at their cubicles, staring at a clock much of the time.

Your office lunch catering can be different, with the midday meal being way more fun and exciting. Imagine tempting aromas wafting through your workplace just before noon. Then picture the beaming, wide-eyed employees hurrying to a large gathering space where they are laughing and trading stories while waiting in line for mouthwatering delicacies. With experience serving 30 to 50 offices per month including Southwest Airlines (corporate), you need only use the catering services of Roaming Hunger to help bring food trucks to your office. Food trucks need to be apart of your employee perks program.

Greenz on Wheelz truck in Los Angeles
Greenz on Wheelz truck in Los Angeles

Moreover, as long as you serve your workers meals on company property, the cost of that food is tax-deductible. For their part, employees do not have to pay taxes on the food that their employers give them.

Corporate catering ― and healthy catered lunch in particular ― is undergoing a major boom in popularity. This is due to companies wanting to improve employee morale with one-of-a-kind food experiences that are quick and convenient. Curious about the advantages of catering with a food truck? Below are five benefits to keep in mind that will help increase employee productivity.

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Healthy and delicious wraps from OMGoodness in Woodland Park, CO
Healthy and delicious wraps from OMGoodness food truck in Woodland Park, CO

5. Greater Efficiency After Lunch

Healthy foods are energizing and can help employees focus better. Consequently, satisfying and nutritious catered lunches often make for more productive afternoons. In contrast, when people are left to their own devices, they frequently opt for food that’s processed, greasy, fatty, sugary or salty. Such selections typically make workers feel sluggish and eager for a nap. Get team members energized! Order a meal for your team today.

Acai bowl – photo via Pinterest

4. Employee Health & Wellness

Many employees could be inspired by your wholesome catered offerings to seek out healthier breakfast and dinner options at home and in restaurants. As a result, they’ll be more fit and better equipped to ward off illness. Your staff members might start taking fewer sick days, which will boost your bottom line. On top of that, a workforce that lowers its rates of obesity and sickness may find that its medical insurance rates go down. Minimize sick days by trying out office catering.

3. Lunchtime Brainstorming Sessions

When staff members dine together, their lunches can become working lunches. The conversations often veer toward company news and work-related challenges, and people may counsel one another and think up solutions to various problems. It’s almost like getting your employees to work overtime every day for free. Bring motivation back to the office and get a food truck to cater at your office. Plus, food trucks are a part of fun activities in office!

2. Closer Relationships Are The Best Retention Strategies For Employees

Catered meals bring together people from various divisions of an organization. Those who might otherwise rarely interact get the opportunity to bond. When those new relationships are established, team members will feel more comfortable reaching out to each other for guidance and suggestions, even when they’re away from the lunch table. In the end, projects can be completed more smoothly, and obstacles can be overcome more quickly. Discover a new way to cater at your office and make some friends.

1. A More Joyful Workplace

To state it simply, high-quality food equals happiness and higher morale. If you feed employees healthy lunches, they’ll be grateful to you, and they’ll probably be more inclined to do their best work for you. Plus, if you advertise this perk, your company might have an edge over competitors when it comes to hiring talented job candidates. Don’t be boring and click here for more information on corporate catering.

Since most people would really look forward to a free, tasty lunch, the thought of that meal might make them more cheerful and agreeable throughout the morning, letting everyone enjoy a more harmonious workplace.