5 Yummy Pretzel Trucks To Visit On National Pretzel Day

If you can’t get enough of the soft, yet crunchy, deliciousness that we all love, then you’ll appreciate this post, because it’s all about the pretzel and National Pretzel Day. But guess what? On this day, don’t be traditional and eat a bag of pretzels. Instead, go find a food truck near you that takes the beloved treat to the next level. Don’t settle for the manufactured norm, and try something handcrafted and exciting instead. Not sure where to go? Well, don’t worry. We’ve got some suggestions for you.

Below are some of the best food trucks in the nation that celebrate the amazing-ness that is the pretzel. These food trucks will make you wish every day was National Pretzel Day!

Mustache Pretzels – Scottsdale, Arizona

This truck’s motto is that “Great mustaches aren’t born they’re bread.” Mustache Pretzels get its name from just that, as they make homemade pretzels in the shape of handle bar mustaches. Mustache Pretzels knows how to perfectly add a little bit of fun to their food without skimping on the taste. Next time you’re in Scottsdale (or if you live in the area), grab a mustache pretzel, have a little fun, take a selfie, and enjoy yourself.


Must Try Item: The Original Mustache Hand-rolled made non-GMO flour dressed with clarified butter and topped and classic white pretzel salt. Try it with a side of their fresh queso dip.


Vinnie’s Gourmet Pretzels – Cincinnati, Ohio

Vinnie’s Gourmet Pretzels is serving the people of Cincinnati delicious, gourmet pretzels. Vinnie’s is a mobile, gourmet pretzel shop featuring large, hot gourmet pretzels and they’re served straight from the oven so there’s a slight charcoal grill on each pretzel. When it comes to these pretzels, don’t worry about the calories, because these pretzels are grease-free, and out of this world. In addition to the pretzels, Vinnie’s is also serving up freshly-squeezed, carnival-style lemonade and hot chocolate.


Must Try Item: The Pope – Gourmet Pretzel with Parmesan cheese


Der Pretzel Wagen – Indianapolis, Indiana

With this truck, you can get pretzels in its original form, or as a bun to make the perfect sandwich. The best part of this truck is the fact that you don’t always have to wait in a long line to get the city’s best pretzel, they have online ordering services so you can skip the line!

Der Pretzel Wagen Pretzels

Must Try Item: Bavarian Style Pretzels Large, soft pretzels choose salted or cinnamon sugar

Uncle Paul’s Stuffed Pretzel – Hamburg, Pennsylvania

What is better than a traditional soft pretzel? A stuffed pretzel! That’s exactly what Uncle Paul’s is serving up! They take only the best ingredients and stuff them tightly into a savory soft handmade pretzel roll. These alluringly tasty treats will always have you coming back for more!

Uncle Pauls Stuffed Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pretzel
Must Try Item: Chicken, Bacon, Ranch, and Cheese Pretzel

Sigmund’s Pretzel – New York City, New York

Sigmund’s had a vision to recreate the German-style pretzel that we have all come to love. Martha Stewart herself has deemed Sigmund’s “America’s Best Pretzel”. They’re the best in America, because they have worked hard to develop their own special dough recipe that concludes with topping their pretzels with savory ingredients, from cheddar truffle to garlic parsley, there is something for everyone to love. These artisan German pretzels are to die for!

Sigmunds Cheddar Truffle Pretzel

Must Try Item: Truffle Cheddar Pretzel