3 Comfort Food Trucks Dishing Out Food The Way Momma Made It

The best way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach and no one ever touches your heart and brings comfort the way your mother does with her home cooking. Comfort food has a way of bringing back joyful memories of childhood and making you feel like all is right with the world. This Mother’s Day weekend, we’re sharing a few food trucks who bring it back home and serve up comfort dishes just the way momma made them.

The Roost Carolina Kitchen – Chicago

Carolina Root Kitchen - Hot Fried Chicken Biscuit
Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Biscuit – Photo via Redeye Chicago

The Roost Carolina Truck is said to have the “best damn chicken in Chicago” and there’s no debating that. Just look at the glistening hot fried chicken, topped with succulent pickles between a freshly baked butter biscuit pictured above. Their chicken is made from a secret family recipe and made to order to insure optimal freshness and to bring satisfaction to each and every customer. But fried chicken isn’t the only comfort food on the Roost’s menu, throw in a side of refreshing slaw, creamy mac and cheese and peach cobbler or bread pudding for dessert and you have yourself a complete meal. Whenever you’re in the Windy City, you absolutely must try this fried chicken by stopping by their food truck or one of their 2 brick and mortar locations. Good news! If you can’t make it out to either of those, they also deliver!

Postcards C.A.S – Los Angeles

“The Greatest” – Brisket, Kale & Mac n’ Cheese – Named after Muhammad Ali

Postcards Central American Soul Food Truck is a Great Food Truck Race Food Network alum that’s dishing out some of the absolute best soul food in Los Angeles. Not only are they dishing out delicious comfort food but they’re serving a purpose as well, with each item on their menu being named after prominent figures and times in black history. “Langston’s Choice,” named after Poet & Novelist Langston Hughes, is a bowl comprised of the tenderest brisket, dirty rice & beans & very well-seasoned greens. “Alice’s Final Word,” named after Alice Walker, author of Pulitzer Prize winner “The Color Purple,” is a bowl made of juicy baked chicken, dirty rice and beans and thick and creamy mac n’ cheese. And for all of the vegetarians out there don’t fret, there are options for you in bowls and wraps as well, as all of their sides are cooked with NO animal products (insert praise hand emojis here).

Southern Comfort Kitchen – Bay Area

Southern Comfort Kitchen Truck - Catfish and Fries
Southern Comfort Kitchen Truck – Catfish and Fries – Photo Via – Tigerrulezzz

Bay Area! The Southern Comfort Kitchen Food Truck is a family business bringing New Orleans style fried comfort food right to you. They’re keeping it authentic by going to the lengths of shipping ingredients directly from New Orleans and making nearly everything from the cornmeal batter to the aioli in-house with secret family recipes. If you find home and comfort in an array of Cajun spices then this is definitely the truck for you. From fresh fried catfish and epic buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches to traditional shrimp po’boy sandwiches perfectly drizzled with remoulade sauce, not a single item on their menu will disappoint.


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there!