This Week In Food Truck Catering: Pickles & Peas

Once again, we eagerly filed out of our office and onto the scenic Sunset strip for our weekly dose of “Food Truck Day” glory, this time for a taste of authentic Mediterranean fare from Pickles & Peas.

The Truck

On food truck days, we have no issue hanging out for a while, basking in the warm midday sun and catching up with our buddies from faraway departments while each of our meals are prepared fresh-to-order. But when Pickle & Peas’ savory aromas started wafting our way, we couldn’t help but feel hungry when we saw that the orders were coming out fast and hot.

When I stepped up to the window, I had the opportunity to meet Nicole and Chef Omar, the gregarious husband and wife team who proudly own and operate Pickles & Peas. Omar recounted how he had left a demanding career as a corporate chef, running world-class kitchens. Wanting to rid himself of the bureaucratic disruptions that come with such a responsibility, Omar set out to reunite himself with a chef’s true purpose and general source of happiness: “feeding the people”.

Well, we the people certainly appreciate it. One of our team members even compared our enthusiastic reception of each of Omar’s dishes to a baby shower, with everyone gathering round the tasty eats to snap pics and coo over the deliciously photogenic food.

What We Ate

Taking traditional Lebanese recipes, Omar’s menu offers a choice of wrap with soft Za’atar-laced bread, savory rice bowl, lush salad, or sea-salt pomme frites, loaded with your choice of perfectly seasoned chicken or beef shawarma, or crispy falafel fritters. Ask anyone at Roaming Hunger and they will tell you that every bite of everything was perfection. They will then proceed to insist that you order extra roasted garlic aioli for your fries because, you know, we got your back…the stuff is addictive.

When sharing their inspiring saga, Omar and Nicole revealed that they had been taking Pickles & Peas through LA and serving the masses for an entire…month. What!? These newbies completely blew us away with their polished and professional operation, from arriving promptly, taking and serving orders affably and efficiently, to the pure quality of the presentation of their food, let alone the flavors.

Oh, and they happened to be short-staffed! Their other team member couldn’t make it out that day, but this impressive duo managed to feed our entire office without a hitch.

Enjoying delicious food together while gaining inspiration from another great team once again reminded us of how food truck catered lunches truly serve as the ultimate perk.