29 Insanely Satisfying Catered Lunch Ideas for the Office (Updated for 2020)

Needless to say, when it comes to office lunch here, going with a food truck’s not just the fun choice, it’s also the practical one.  With a thriving scene getting bigger and stranger by the day, there’s a truck in town for every co-worker’s sensibility, from gilded-up classics to bold new experiments.  In fact there’s so much variety you could get lost researching, so allow us to break down the best for you.  Here are 27 catered food ideas, we hope you’re hungry.  (How much does this all cost?  Click HERE to get a good idea)

If your coworkers’ interests are scattered across the board, sliders are the perfect choice for office catering.  They’ll give everyone a chance to explore a wide spectrum of tastes in comfortably-sized bites, giving the office trivia team, hiking club, and social club a communal experience to bond over, without sacrificing an ounce of personal preference.

After all, the best way for different kinds of folks to work next to each other is to give all of them exactly what they want.  Weird how that works.

2. Organic

delicious salad, organic, vegetables, eat your veggies, sprouts, bacon, chicken, avocado
Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad from Farmer’s Belly Food Truck

For the office with more bikes on its rack than cars in its lot, and no unused gym benefits in sight, make sure your catered lunch ideas for the office land firmly in certified organic bounds.  Whether your company produces events for charity, or specializes in eco-centric innovation, help your coworkers bodies stay as clean as their ambitions by making sure your office catering’s local and honest.

No matter where you are, organic’s a trend that’s proven its profitability in recent years.  Meaning it’s a trend that’s also easy to grab.  Most importantly, it’s a trend that, with enough offices, seems destined to become far more than a trend.

3. Tacos

If you work at a job that needs a reason for tacos as a catered lunch idea for the office, you should probably quit.  No explanation required.

4. Shaved Ice (for Dessert)

If your job encourages individuality, grab catered lunch ideas that reflect that.  Or even just a post-lunch surprise.  Shaved ice is a great way to beat the heat, no matter how strong your office’s central air is.

And what’s more, with most shaved ice trucks, you’ll get endless ways to customize your creation, letting your distinct flavor combo match your distinct casual Friday look.  Controlled independence never tasted so good.

5. BBQ

For the office that doesn’t mind getting a little messy, grab BBQ for office catering.  It’s the kind of family-style eating that brings interns together with executives, and slathers them all in the same sauce.  Bring home-cooked bliss in to work, and for at least an hour, maybe work will start to feel like home.

6. Skillet Street Food

Some offices are stocked with fitness-centric dieters.  And some are stocked with those who value real health, inside and out.  And total health starts beyond the body.  Get finger-licking fried chicken, savory shrimp gumbo and colossal collards that’ll slap a smile on everyone, from one corner of the building to another.  Can quinoa do that?

7. Poke

On the flip side – healthy doesn’t have to mean humdrum.  Fresh poke bowls are a catered lunch idea that’ll settle your coworkers’ hunger but keep them afloat for a few more hours.

From ahi to salmon to octopus, pair a fresh catch with fresh veggies and toppings, and help the office swim straight past 5pm without an ounce of guilt slowing them down.

8. Pizza

Get the finance department rolling in a different kind of dough with pizza for office catering.  From favorite toppings to preferred crust, it’s one option versatile enough to please everyone, with even gluten-free and vegans available from most trucks these days.

9. Carnival Food

Chances are, if your office is busy, it already resembles a daily circus.  So when it’s time for office catering, make sure it eats like one too.  From peanuts to cotton candy to funnel cake bites, carnival food is an unexpected way to make the clock tick faster and make cross-department meetings taste like the escape they absolutely aren’t.

10. Cupcakes

We don’t need to point out the benefits of dessert as an on-set sugary snack idea to keep the cameras rolling.  Make the post-lunch lurch a whole lot sweeter by bringing by cupcakes for production catering.  They’re sweet, eye-opening and just big enough for everyone to indulge without getting weighed down.

Even the more health-conscious employees will be tempted to indulge – cupcakes have a way of convincing everyone to take a break from their 27th email of the day and grab a pick-me-up. Everyone needs a cheat day once in a while.

11. Waffles

Waffles are the kind of catering ideas for the office that’ll be appreciated at all hours.  Surprise your workforce with a breakfast that beats their bagel and cream cheese down the block, or serve it as a Belgian-style anytime snack.  No matter which way you go, waffles will leave a sweet impression on everyone’s day.  And their morale.

12. Vegan

We’re not gonna lie – going vegan isn’t the kind of office catering idea that’ll be easy to sell – even if your office is full of great salespeople.

But as one of the fastest-growing cuisines in the country, vegan dining happens to be at the frontier of both innovation and taste.  For the forward-thinking company, vegan lunch catering’s not just a curiosity – it’s a healthy investment in the future.

13. Vietnamese

Slow-Braised Pork Belly Bowl (w/ pickled veggies) by Cafe Vietnam Food Truck

Ditch the deli sandwiches for gourmet banh mi, and send your coworkers’ palates on vacation.  For at least an hour, maybe some other part of them will even follow.  Or maybe they’ll just be daydreaming about gourmet banh mi.  Same difference, really.

14. Pan-Asian

Or for the office that likes to multi-task, grab Pan-Asian cuisine for your in-office catering.  Your boss can visit Thailand, Korea and Japan while she emails, conference calls and checks her Instagram.

Which is probably just how she likes it.  Keep your boss’ mouth as engaged as her mind with catered lunch ideas for the office that refuse to slow down for minor distractions like labels.  Or countries.

15. Cajun

If water cooler talk tends to get….spicier than most workplaces, grab office catering that can match.  Cajun food’s one great way for the sales team’s mouths to catch up to their red-hot words, be it gumbo, po’boys or crawfish étouffée.

Whatever the pick, cajun’s a catered idea for the office that’ll turn up the heat and melt the words right out of your coworkers’ mouths.  At least temporarily.  Savor the silence while you can.

16. Hot Dogs

If your office always has baseball tickets up for trade, and tends to do most off-the-clock socializing around a backyard grill, bring in hot dogs for office catering to watch the work day feel more like the weekend.

Maybe you’ll even get lucky and a cooler of beer will magically appear next to the grill.  Or maybe you should go the extra mile and make your own luck.

17. Mac & Cheese

Every office has a Carl – the guy who can’t let a statement go by without tossing in a pun.  Or a 15 year old movie quote.  Or a joke the entire workforce has heard and paid generous courtesy laughter towards.

Well shut Carl up for at least one lunch by matching his cheese with cheese the rest of the office will actually savor.  Mac and cheese is a catered lunch idea for the office that’ll fill everyone’s mouth with edible gold.  The kind even Carl will have to take seriously.

18. Mexican

If you work in an office that does things by the book, and values tried and true over the unknown, the only acceptable office catering should be the most classic kind.  As classic as the Mexican food trucks who’ve been in this game for decades, and have total office satisfaction down to a science.

19. Lobster Rolls

If your office is lacking a little worldly grit lately, save money….and more importantly, free time, on seminars and special training, and just import yours straight from New England.

Lobster rolls are catered lunch ideas that’ll make your workforce feel as wise as fishermen, even if they’ve never left Arizona.  It’s a shortcut your coworkers’ mouths will thank you for.  Along with their free time.

20. Crepes

For the international office, crepes are catered lunch ideas that, falling short of taking everyone’s tastebuds on vacation, will at least take them to work remotely.

What’s more, crepes are about as versatile as office catering gets – with full sweet and savory options, you can rest assured everyone at work will have a choice that fits their mood.  Multiple diverse moods living together in harmony – how international of you.

21. Doughnuts

If your office regularly participates in weekend 5Ks and charity runs, doughnuts are the perfect company lunch idea to have waiting on Monday morning.  It’ll give the particularly motivated amongst you a well-earned treat, and more importantly, will make the less motivated feel like they did something to deserve it.

22. Fries

For the office that focuses on the big picture and lets the details take care of themselves, fries are catering ideas for the office that’ll provide the perfect surprise accent to everyone’s lunch.

Dusted up cajun-style, brushed with garlic or simply finished with sea salt, they’re a versatile way to boost everyone’s lunch from good to great. Details have a way of doing that.

23. Frozen Yogurt

Some jobs actively mix business with pleasure – if you’re a video game company, chances are you’ve got regular Mario Kart face-offs.  If you’re a travel company, we imagine you test out all your own perks as often as possible.  You like to marry fun with function, til they’re nearly indistinguishable.

If this sounds like you, the only acceptable office catering is the kind that follows suit.  Frozen yogurt maximizes probiotics and calcium, while also tasting really, really good.  It’s nutrition that also happens to be dessert, mixing the good with the necessary.  Just like the rest of your job.

24. Rotisserie

The office that does good for its community along with doing good for their bottom line deserves office catering that adopts the same attitude.

Rotisserie-based office catering options tend to push local ingredients and a playful balance between nutrition and deliciousness, helping the office feel good about eating well.  For the job where feeling good about what you do’s built into the business model, you and your coworkers should feel right at home.

25. Coffee

Don’t overlook the benefits of simply bringing premium coffee in for office catering.  Get the entire department through the 3pm slump by providing a higher class of perk; one that doesn’t sacrifice taste for utility.

Artisan coffee carts can smooth the entire IT department’s workflow over with specialty lattes, or make the late afternoon conference call run livelier on cold brew.  Don’t just wake your coworkers up, give them a reason to be happy they’re up.

26. Grilled Cheese

The best catering ideas for the office are the ones that make you feel like you’re not in the office at all.  And grilled cheese has a magic way of not just taking you out, but taking you back – to childhood, specifically.  Whether your melt’s loaded up with short rib and mac, enlightened by goat cheese and squash, or simply just like mom used to make, it’ll turn the clock back and bring the inner child out of everyone – even Earl from accounting.  Trust us.

27. Asian Fusion

Just because you’re boxed in by work demands doesn’t mean catered ideas for the office have to follow suit.  Bust out of your box and bust into Korean pork tacos, sushi burritos and kimchee quesadillas.  It’s the best of two worlds, smashed together and ready to make yours a whole lot better.

No matter what kind of deadline you’re on.  Asian fusion’s the kind of office catering that’ll help your team understand how different concepts work together in the best way possible – by starting with how they taste together.  In the long run, what else do you really need to know, anyway?


28. Sushi

Sushi’s the ultimate catering option if you’re going for a true out-of-office experience (in the office).  The combination of seeing your food prepared right in front of you, with a diverse spread of ingredients, rolled by a professional chef, is all enough to blow every coworker’s concept of catering out of the water.  Then roll it up and serve it fresh.

Even better, sushi’s the easiest option if you’re not quite sure how many to feed.  With practically no cooking involved (outside of some specialty rolls), made-to-order really means made to order.  It’s a catering idea that’s not just delicious, but deliciously clever.

28. Affordable Catering

Sometimes the most satisfying catered lunches are the ones that are within budget. If you’re looking for affordable catering near you, food trucks are an obvious option. Typically taco and grilled cheese trucks are the way to go in this situation, but we can also help negotiate the best prices on the more gourmet food trucks.

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