Breakfast and Lunch Catering That’ll Win Over Any Corporate Office

They say the hardest day of the week for employees is Tuesday. It’s when all the work on your desk is sufficiently piled up to know how much you have left to do, but none of it is done. So you grit your teeth, slump into your chair, tense up your brow and dive in. Three hours later you’re stiff as a board and notice you’re hungry for lunch.

And that’s when you remember… today your lunch is getting catered. And not just any catering, you’re getting one of the best meals Los Angeles has to offer. And as your mind wanders to a picture of you trying to decide which options you’ll pick up and put on your plate today, you sit up in your chair and feel a wave of relief come over you. It doesn’t really matter how much work you have left to do, because for a few minutes you’re going to see your friends and coworkers around the table.

The temperature of the room will rise by one degree and you’ll all be wearing smiles after your first bites. After all, Tuesday is half way done, and you’re all in this together.

That feeling, from where we’re standing, is called a successful corporate catering. So whether you want to bring lunch, breakfast, or some other meal to your office, we’re here to make sure everyone that comes into work that day is a little bit happier. How do we do it? With amazing catering partners that we’ve discovered over the years. We thought we’d highlight a few of them below, broken down into two categories, breakfast and lunch.

Some of the Amazing Breakfast Catering That Los Angeles Has to Offer

Acai Dream Bowl Truck

Los Angeles is full of health nuts, so you have to be careful if you’re allergic. But if you’re office is full of people coming from the 6:30am yoga class, it’s easy to make their dreams come true. Just have Acai Dream Bowl drop off your order and watch everyone’s eyes light up with delight as they pick up their bowl and start adding ingredients, such as fresh cut strawberries, blueberries, oatmeal, and more.


Arda’s Cafe

We’re not sure when and where the breakfast burrito was invented, but in Los Angeles it is a staple. Just imagine you and your co-workers walking into the office on a sunny LA morning and bestowing your gaze down on a neatly organized pile of GIANT breakfast burritos from Arda’s. That was our experience a couple of weeks ago, and it seriously brightened up our morning. If you’re into meat, choose between or mix and match between the bacon, ham, sausage or turkey breakfast burrito, or make it the avocado burrito with bacon and Pico de Gallo sauce. Pro tip: find a friend and split two burritos, then save one half for later, because as we mentioned, they’re huge.

The Rooster Truck

As the name suggests, The Rooster is all about breakfast. But what you’ll realize when you and the office take a bite of their cuisine is just how seriously they take their craft. Chef Rouha Sadighi’s specialty is the over-medium egg, with three of her four dishes featuring it. And with one of the best taglines in the food truck game, The Rooster is here to “make breakfast dope again.” So if you’re about making corporate dope again (or for the first time), you have to try breakfast catering from this amazing spot.

The Stand

If you live in Los Angeles you’ve probably heard of the Stand. Their mission is to make standard American fare, and make it really good. So if your corporate culture is about playing it safe, there’s still no reason your corporate catering can’t be safe and super delicious. Choose from a variety of sandwiches and scrambles that come with breakfast potatoes and fruit plates, and expect that approving eyes of your boss as he takes a standard bite.

A Few Lunch Gems From Around LA (That Will Cater Your Office Lunch)

Greenz on Wheelz

We’ve been working with Greenz on Wheelz for a number of years, and there’s a reason people keep asking for them. Just bite into one of their salads and sandwiches and you’ll understand that taste doesn’t have to leave you feeling heavy. For your office, that translates into a post-lunch boost rather than the normal coma you’re used to.

Looking for a great business lunch catering options? Go with Greenz on Wheelz.

Slanging Corea

If you’re the type of team whose idea of a good time is going to K-Town on a Thursday night and sharing an authentic Korean BBQ together, there’s no reason you can’t bring that experience to the office. Tacos, kimchi quesadillas, and rice bowls are a few menu items that Slanging Corea does really, really well. Now granted you won’t be doing any of the cooking in front of a hot plate, but you’ll feel the warm glow from everyone bonding over the deliciousness.

The Berlin Truck

The Berlin Truck is German food done authentically but with an LA twist. They focus on getting traditional Doner sandwiches right (we’re mildly obsessed with the Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese), but offer up bowls and wraps as well, all paired with incredible sides and sauces that you can fit to your taste buds. Now all you have to do is borrow the corporate credit card and get a few beers.

Big Mango Cafe

Bring big flavor to your corporate catering with Big Mango Catering and watch hunger disappear. If your team is looking for fresh seasonal fare straight out of Playa Vista, you’ll love the salads and sandwiches from Chef Jonathan Weiss. It’ll be the highlight of your team’s day, in a Big Mango way.

Fork-In Aussie Pies

Is your corporate culture defined by how much fun you have on a given day? Does your team spend at least a few minutes a day sharing gifs over Slack or one-upping each other over puns? Then you’ll appreciate what Fork-In Aussie Pie is bringing to the table. Their savory gourmet pies take three days to prepare, and the attention to detail is found in the flavor. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or like your meat with more meat, there’s a delicious pie waiting for you and office to enjoy.

Corporate catering shouldn’t be scrolling through menus and trying to figure out which choice will get the least amount of backlash. It should fit your office as much as the dress code, but never at the expense of flavor, taste, or fun. Head to our Corporate Catering page to get started creating the perfect office catering experience for your team.