Plan Your Affordable DIY Wedding In Under An Hour

$44,000. That’s the cost of an average wedding in Los Angeles.  And that’s before factoring in the stress management, naturally.

Altogether, the average adds up to spending too much and enjoying too little.  That’s why we decided to do something a little different. We aimed for a fun wedding experience that exceeds your wildest dreams, not your budget (or your sanity).

Roaming Hunger Weddings is a brand new concept giving you the best of both worlds – the freedom & financial flexibility of a DIY wedding, paired with the security and convenience of a professional month-of wedding coordinator.

What Is The Roaming Hunger Weddings Program?

Let’s pretend money doesn’t matter for a moment.

Roaming Hunger Weddings is designed to save you an even more valuable resource – your time.

You’ll get half your wedding planning done in the very first hour, affording you the luxury of focusing on all your favorite details… or just playing another game of HQ Trivia.

The process starts by mixing and matching your favorite selections from our curated list of Pinterest-worthy options.  Almost everything’s been assembled for you – from gorgeous venues to on-point floral arrangements. In each category, you can save or spend on what matters most to you.

You can check out all your options below, or by downloading our PDF Wedding Program – Los Angeles Weddings. If you’re interested in moving forward or learning more, just sign up below and we will contact you, or write to us at

What makes Roaming Hunger Weddings so special?

Well… for starters, you get a free month-of wedding coordinator.

No matter what options you choose we want to make sure that your weddings turns out perfect. That means that everything leading up to it needs to confirmed and done properly.

If there’s any issues that pop up, we want to get in front of them and make sure they’re fixed before your big day. So all you have to do is have a great experience.

Why are we doing all this? Because we’ve been through (or are going through) the process ourselves. We know what it’s like to do hours of research, send out countless emails for quotes, and hope and pray that everything passes the “parent test.” (You know exactly who we’re talking about.)

What kind of venues are offered?

Venue-wise, your choices are as diverse as they are dazzling. For those who like it loud, snag a vibrant, Open-Air Brewery in the Arts District. The sprawling, indoor/outdoor craft beer hall boasts:

  • Room for 200 guests
  • Some of SoCal’s finest craft beer, brewed onsite.
  • Projector-equipped elevated stage, ideal for live performances.
  • Seven hours of reception time.
Industrial-chic vibe in DTLA

For couples that want flexibility, opt for an industrial-chic vibe in a Restored Downtown Warehouse.  This creative space includes:

  • Room for 250 guests
  • 6000 square ft
  • Stunning architectural details; from exposed brick walls, to truss ceilings and a triangular-pitched roof, to a modern garage door that opens to the street, bringing food trucks through the middle of the action
  • Separate ceremony and reception spaces
  • A constant flood of natural light

If privacy’s the priority, a Secluded Brentwood Estate gives you:

  • Room for 175 guests
  • A half-acre of freedom, complete with grape arbor backdrop for your ceremony.
  • Upstairs master bedroom doubles as a bridal suite, while the guest house makes a perfect groom’s quarters.
  • Valet Service included

What about the food?

Of course, it wouldn’t be Roaming Hunger Weddings if catering wasn’t a cornerstone.  With over ten years’ experience, we don’t just have access to LA’s most innovative cuisine, we know all the best ways to make it mobile.  No matter what you want to feed your guests, or how, our unmatched resources ensure dinner will be the night’s highlight.  Before the speeches even start.

Catering options include:

  • Food Truck (naturally) – In most cases, available either made-to-order straight from the truck, arranged in buffet stations, or family-style.
  • Traditional – If the family’s not keen on you rocking the boat (or the truck, as it were), we’ve also got you covered with a full array of classic catering options, from buffet to plated service, along with tray-passed apps.
  • Dessert and Late Night Trucks – From ice cream sandwiches to after dark chicken and waffle bites, we’ve got finishing touches that’ll send all your guests home happy, full, and far less prone to a morning hangover.
  • Bar Packages – Choose between Beer/Wine, Premium or Top Shelf open bar packages to perfectly suit your guests’ preferences.

How about rentals?

Rentals are laid out in easy-to-arrange fashion, helping you stay within your budget while exploring a world of choices, from minimalist to fanciful, and everything in-between:

  • Tables – Seven options are available, covering all reception tables, along with three additional tables for needs like guest-book, cake and gifts.
  • Chairs – Seven styles are available, for either ceremony or reception.
  • Linens – Available in 50 poly or 5 jute varieties, along with matching napkins. Option to add contrasting table runners over full drape tablecloths can also be added on.
  • Tabletop – From disposable dishware that’s easy on the environment, to stainless steel flatware, glass barware and even votives, we’ve got everything you need to make every place setting glisten and gleam.

And florals?

Floral arrangements are diverse and distinct, ensuring a fresh look to fit every mood. Colors and blooms vary by season, but whichever theme you choose looks just like it sounds, and will do more than just accessorize your big day – it’ll help transport it. Choose from:

  • Lush Greenery
  • Classic Beauty
  • Wildflowers in Bloom
  • Bohemian Romance
  • Aromatic Garden

Start with the Basic package(bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, and arrangements for dining, bar and receiving table), then add on til you’re whole wedding is covered. Each Add-On package includes: three bridesmaid bouquets, three groomsmen boutonnieres, and eight aisle decorations per order.

Ready to tie the knot?

All in all, Roaming Hunger Weddings is a revolution in planning that does the heavy lifting for you.  Getting started is as easy as filling out the form below and playing with options, so try for yourself.  You’ll discover our most radical innovation right away – making sure all this is actually fun.

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