The Ultimate Guide to Catering (For Any Party)

When you’re the one in charge of food for the office event or celebration, the pressure is on. Food is quite possibly the most important element of a get-together. You want to find something delicious, but unique, and still be able to satisfy the cravings and dietary requirements of multiple people.

From sweet to savory, gluten-free to vegan, and customizable down to the ingredient, here are some of the most popular catering options for parties.

That’s Amore –  Pizza Catering

You’ve probably seen that meme “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough,” but really, what’s the fun in eating pizza alone? This saucy, topping-topped doughy goodness is meant to be shared! Since it was introduced to America by soldiers returning home after WWII, pizza has been one of the most popular catering options for parties.

Did you know that Americans will eat an average of 1.7 million slices of pizza in a lifetime? Okay, maybe that’s not true (for some of us…), but anytime a stack of piping hot boxes of pizza enter the office, Jersey Shore-style fist pumps and cheers will abound.

Whether your pizza catering order includes gourmet toppings like shaved Brussels sprouts, prosciutto, and chile-infused honey, or just a sky-high mountain of classic cheese, pizza catering offers a range of taste and dietary options without a lot of hassle.

And dishes are even easier, especially if you eat your slice East Coast-style—folded in half. Not only does the “Fold Hold” eliminate the need for a plate, but you also get double the pizza in each bite.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, mention of pizza for party food catering is sure to get guests to RSVP with “heck yes!” And with Roaming Hunger, pizza catering for birthday parties, graduation, or corporate catering, goes well beyond dialing the phone for some generic franchise slices. These pies can be personalized to the very last detail beforehand, or even on-site thanks to trucks with built-in pizza ovens.

Thrill of the Grill – Burger Catering

Who doesn’t love the sounds and smells of burgers sizzling on the grill? But it’s not always convenient to drag out the grill, and the charcoal, and the lighter fluid, and the fire extinguisher… Which is why you should leave this catering option for parties up to the grill master.

When our burger caterers say they have a license to grill, they’re not just referring to a punny quote on an apron. These guys and gals know the difference between rare, medium-rare, and well-done. And because everything is crafted on-site, there’s no risk of squishy buns, which in any form, would not be work appropriate.

Burgers are usually reserved for sunny days when everyone can be outside around the grill. But with a catering option like a burger truck, your party guests can enjoy handcrafted patties no matter the weather or time of year. Sizzle up some sliders for little hands, and stack it up double for the extra ravenous. Just don’t forget to ask for a side of fries.

seafood catering

See? Food! – Seafood Catering

When you think of lobster, visions of proper white tablecloths, plastic bibs, and a hefty check may come to mind. But Roaming Hunger’s seafood version of party food catering is anything but.

This seafood comes on rolls, in chowder, and fried to perfection, all while being served up in the casual atmosphere of your office or party location.

You don’t have to blow the fun budget to afford seafood as a catering option for parties. Bring the taste of East Coast lobster, poke from the Pacific, and gulf shrimp to HQ with seafood catering. Even if it’s just for the lunch hour, treating your office to the ritzy tastes of seafood will guarantee a meal that’s “off the hook.”

It’s usually only weddings that party guests are treated to fish. Regardless of what you’re celebrating, no one at your party will be “crabby” over seafood catering.

Ditch the usual turf and go all the way with the surf in the form of poke bowls. Unfurl the newspaper tablecloths and go all-in with a crawfish boil, or keep it south of the border with simple but tasty fish tacos.

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fried chicken catering

Finger Lickin’ Food – Fried Chicken Catering

Betcha fried chicken wasn’t one of the first foods to pop into your mind as a catering option for a party, but according to our foodie calculations, this greasy goodness is on the wish list for many people.

What better excuse to eat fried chicken than when someone else announces it’s what’s on the menu, right?

The Colonel won’t be the one driving when your fried chicken catering truck pulls up. These bird masters know their fowl inside and out whether they’re tossing it onto a crispy waffle or serving it with a drizzle of BBQ.

Fried chicken is usually found only in the drive thru or a booth at a festival, so your office will gladly load up a plate for a lunchtime feast. Just be sure you have plenty of wet wipes on hand. Chicken oil and keyboards are sworn enemies.

Baked chicken is for boring family dinners. Fried chicken is for those who are ready to partay. You don’t have to send your guests to the south to treat them to the full-flavored taste of crispy bird.

Book fried chicken for your party food catering and bring Korean-style sweet and spicy chicken, tempura-fried Japanese chicken, or Nashville-style hot chicken right to your front door.

ice cream catering

I Scream, You Scream – Ice Cream Catering

Remember how fast your heart would race on hot summer days when you thought you heard the magical tune of the ice cream truck rounding the corner? Now imagine an ice cream truck you don’t have to listen for, and not having to frantically search the couch cushions for change.

That’s exactly what you get when you book a gourmet ice cream truck – a universally loved catering option for parties. Oh, and you also get one-of-a-kind flavors like snickerdoodle + lavender blueberry and red velvet cookie + peanut butter cup.

It’s not every employee that gets to go home and say, “Guess what happened at work today? An ice cream truck showed up!” Get your office abuzz in sugary excitement with ice cream catering. It’s the perfect sweet treat to reward sales goals, project sprints, or simply to give a shoutout to this month’s birthdays.

And because the truck comes fully loaded with flavors and toppings for millions of combo options, you won’t have to take some lame office poll to decide between cartons of vanilla or cookies ‘n cream.

There’s cake, there’s ice cream, there’s ice cream cakes, but what about a whole darn ice cream catering truck just for your party? And no, you won’t find a deformed, melted Disney character in any of these offerings.

Guests, whether they’re 4 or 94, will delight in creatively-crafted and one-of-a-kind creations. Just keep an eye out for strangers trying to get in line.

pretzel catering

Get Twisted – Pretzel Catering

When’s the last time you twisted up with a pretzel? A carnival? A baseball game? A trip to the mall? Sinking your teeth into a fresh-baked knot of dough isn’t an everyday occurrence.

That’s why pretzel catering for parties offers a special and memorable chance to treat yourself to something that’ll blow Auntie Anne’s outta the water.Some may see pretzels as a simple snack, but place your order right, and you can turn it into a whole meal.

One pretzel catering truck can satisfy the savory and sweet tooths in the office thanks to toppings options like cinnamon and sugar or garlic and parmesan paired with Nutella or marinara sauce.

Book pretzel catering as a unique lunch option, or put a twist in the day as a surprise late-afternoon snack.How do you eat your pretzels? Do you sink your teeth right in? Break off little pieces for optimal dipping? Unfurl the whole knot before you get started?

Whatever your party guests prefer, they can have it thanks to pretzel catering. And don’t bother making sure you have extra napkins on hand. These braided delights will have everyone licking their fingers.

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Eat Dessert First – Dessert Catering

But seriously, surprise your office or party guests with dessert catering before the main meal starts! Waffles, crepes, cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, even pudding, make for catering options for parties that will get the event off to a sweet start and have everyone lining up for seconds. Or thirds. Ok, we promise not to count.

Did you know that desserts is stressed spelled backward? Whether your office is in the middle of an intense project sprint, or has just finished up the biggest job of the year, release some of that mental pressure by throwing a party catered with dessert.

There’s no reward more delicious and satisfying than a custom ice cream sandwich or a classic chocolate cupcake. And yes, you can request a cherry on top.

A party isn’t a party until the treats have been served. Dessert is a necessary catering option for parties for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, baby showers, really anytime a celebration is in order.

Skip the standard grocery store cake and opt for something decadent and memorable like fresh-made crepes topped with white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, roasted hazelnuts, whipped cream and powdered sugar or a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with an Oreo.

Crepes for Days – Crepes Catering 

Crepcrapecraype … it doesn’t matter how you pronounce the name of this classic French cuisine, our caterers will know what you want.

Crepes are one of the most versatile catering options for parties since they can be made sweet or savory. So book a truck for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or dessert, or a snack. Heck, book crepes catering for all day, and you’re set.

You don’t often encounter crepes, unless you’re in France, of course. But with topping options ranging from mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, tomato, and slivered red onion to strawberry jam, brie cheese, whipped cream and powdered sugar, a crepe is truly a blank canvas just waiting to be transformed into whatever your taste buds can dream up. Book crepes for your party food catering and let your colleagues’ flavor imaginations run wild.

Half the fun of crepes is picking out all your toppings and watching your creation come to life before your very eyes. That’s what makes crepes an excellent and entertaining catering option for parties.

Watch as guests line up to be mesmerized by a drizzle of batter becoming a flavor-filled dream. Just warn the magician so he doesn’t feel bad when no one’s paying attention to him.

coffee catering

Hot Javalaya – Coffee Catering

Life begins after coffee… I will start working when my coffee does… Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee. No doubt phrases like these have popped into the minds of every office worker in America at some point, but most likely Monday mornings, Tuesday mornings, okay, probably every weekday morning. A cup or five of joe via coffee catering is necessary to get your day started and keep the party going after hours.

No one likes to start their day in a rushed panic after whacking their snooze alarm a few too many times. Give employees more time to sleep in with coffee catering in the morning. Sure, you can grab some vats of big brand java on your way to the office, but your colleagues deserve something a little more special.

Like flavored lattes, and handcrafted cold brew. Keep your coffee catering simple with caffeine only, or book a truck that pairs your morning jolt with breakfast-y goodies like coffee cake or crepes.

What’s the easiest way to keep the party going well into the night? Hire a rockin’ DJ for one, but second, coffee catering! Give party guests the jolt of energy they’ll need to remember the moves to Whip/Nae Nae. Or if your affair is a little more lowkey, a party food catering option like coffee is the perfect bridge between the main meal and dessert, or an alternative to booze.

When you just need affordable catering for your party

Now that you have a list of all the best types of catering for your party, it’s time to narrow down what is realistic. When you’re looking for cheaper options, finding affordable catering can seem like a big undertaking. Luckily, food trucks offer a lower price point than many traditional caterers. Just ask one of our catering experts which affordable caterers near you are best.

The next time you’re in charge of finding something delicious for the office or celebration, consider one of these catering options for parties, then sit back, relax, and take all the credit for thinking to book something everyone can’t get enough of.