Thrillist L.A. Best of The Best Food Truck Rally

Five trucks descended upon Siren Studios in LA with quite a task: win over the crowd and take home a major ad deal from the Thrillist, LA’s in-the-know daily lifestyle email service.

With the backdrop of Pigeon John holding down the music and Thrillist LA editor Jeff Miller as the host with the most, the trucks battled the droves of hungry young folks eager to make sure they voted fairly by eating their way through each truck’s offerings.

Komodo dished out tasty chicken tacos. Lardon, the newest food truck entrant to the LA entourage, rolled out Bacos– bacon shelled potato and cheese tacos. Note: pronounced bAHk-ohs, like “taco” with a “b.”

Frysmith did Rajas Fries- their signature potato french fries topped with cheese, carne asada and bell peppers. The Dim Sum Truck doled out shu mai and har gow dumplings… yum.

Well, Lardon came close but did not bring home the bacon. Dante Fried Chicken stoke the show with a 3-part tasting of red pepper mac and cheese, fried chicken and a fried tofu that would have any reasonable person losing bar bets that what is inside has no relation to meat. That crew can cook.

Altogether the event was a great time, the Dos Equis flowed and the vibe was right all for a great cause. Meals on Wheels was the beneficiary.

And as the dust settled and the competition came to an end, the crowd had but one question left unanswered, “when’s the next one?”