7 Ways to Book More Catering Now (Updated for 2019)

Note: this article is for caterers on Roaming Hunger. For more information on becoming a caterer with RH, click HERE. If you already have a Roaming Hunger log-in, keep on reading!

While we can’t guarantee you’ll be selected for every catering job you want, follow these tips to greatly increase your chances.  It’s a whole lot easier than you think.

1.Respond As Soon As You Can

Clients are often in a rush to book, which means they’ll select the first attractive option they see. 

  • Submit to the leads you like as soon as you get the message, and you’ll be on top of the Catering Proposal.  For clients in a time crunch, that makes a world of difference.  
  • Also respond to leads that you are NOT interested in by telling us “no.” This is easily selected on your dashboard. When you respond, Roaming Hunger will know that you are active and will continue to send you more leads.

2. Show Clients You’re Ready to Go

Become a Verified Vendor to skyrocket your status on Roaming Hunger, and gain access to your full profile.  

  • Becoming a Verified Vendor will unlock all the benefits that we have to offer your business (like increased visibility, faster leads and gaining a full pic gallery).  
  • To get verified, simply go to “Settings” in your Vendor Dashboard and complete all the sections.  And that’s it!

For more detailed info on how to get verified, click HERE.

3. Make Your Food Easier to Sell

In other words – create Catering Packages that are simple to choose from.  

  • Your  Catering Packages are what clients see when they get a Roaming Hunger catering proposal.
  • You can create a package from the menu items you list on your Vendor Dashboard.  
  • We recommend creating packages with different price points.
  • Roaming Hunger can help you create optimized packages (and give you access to do it yourself). Contact thetotalpackage@roaminghunger.com to get started.

4. Boost Your Ranking on Roaming Hunger

The higher you’re ranked on Roaming Hunger, the easier it will be for clients to see your business (pretty, simple, right?)

  • Top Preferred Vendors are the top 5 vendors in their city. 
  • Preferred Vendors are in the top 20% of vendors in their city.
  • Improving your ranking will get you placed on Roaming Hunger city map pages, top list pages, and “type” (Taco, Burgers, BBQ, etc.) pages.

5. Tell Your Story

Everyone loves food with a story.  Especially at a party.  So make sure you tell it exactly how you want it heard.

  • Build out your Roaming Hunger Profile – and use it to tell people who you are/where you come from.  The more they know about you, the more they’ll want to hire you.
  • Let everyone know your favorite events to cook: currently you can pick 4 “Super Great For” occasions (like “weddings”/”huge events”/etc).
  • Clients looking for exactly that will have a big reason to choose you, since they know it’s already in your wheelhouse.
  • Click HERE to get started building your profile, or email vendors@roaminghunger.com to update descriptions and tags.

Click HERE for our guide to setting your service styles (and other profile preferences)

6. Take Great Pics!

Photos are very important to everyone who visits Roaming Hunger, especially clients looking for catering. If it’s between two similar menus and packages, clients will almost always pick the caterer with better photos. 

  • Show off your setup. A clear, colorful photo of your truck or catering spread will show event organizers how you’ll fit into their event (or stand out at it).
  • Get up close with your food photos. Get as much texture and color as you can.
  • Create a package photo that features your best sellers together. This will appear on all catering proposals to entice clients to book you.

7. List Your Full Menu

Communicate your food as clearly on Roaming Hunger as you would on site.

  • Nutritional Info – Make sure gluten-free, vegan and allergen-friendly info is listed clearly.  Clients with dietary restrictions won’t just appreciate it, they’ll book you because of it.
  • Describe your food – A 100% Angus beef burger is more appealing than just a burger.  
  • Likewise, if you source your food organically, locally or from any unique process, make sure clients know.

To learn how to develop your menu on Roaming Hunger, go HERE or email pvt@roaminghunger.com