5 Ways to Improve Your Food Photos (and why it matters)

1. Take Photos of ALL Your Food

The more you send to us, the more we can use on your profile.  It might sound obvious, but if potential clients can’t see your items, they probably won’t take the time to picture them.  The less work you have to do for hungry folks looking to book you, the greater your chances of having them….well, book you!  Make it easier on your clients, and you’ll be making it easier for yourself.

2. Take Dynamic Shots! 

Present your food in two dimensions as well as you do in three – hold it at angles that capture its best qualities.  Don’t just shoot it straight on.  Whatever special quality stands out about each dish is the one you wanna make sure gets seen – whether it’s the perfect burn on the top of your mac & cheese or the insane toppings squeezed into your burger.  Angle your food the way you want your guests’ eyes to see it for the very first time.  Because if you do it right, that’s exactly how they’ll be seeing it.

3. Use Great Equipment

Your smartphone cam might work for Facebook posts and daily specials, but hiring a professional photographer, or simply using professional equipment makes a world of difference when you’re posting your big items.  Make sure your stuff looks like no one else’s, and you’ll quickly stand out from the pack.

4. Edit your shots

Take time to filter, color-correct and re-focus your shots.  You want your food to look every bit as good as it tastes, so make the colors pop and the textures sharp.  For beginner tips on apps and tricks to get your pictures looking their best, click HERE

5. Get pics of your truck and signage

As much as people wanna see what your food, they also wanna see where it comes from.  Get shots of your kitchen in action, your truck pulling up to the curb, your stand during the rush – whatever makes the minds (and hands) behind the menu look as cool as the menu itself.  Clients aren’t just booking your food, they’re booking your whole experience, so make sure your skill (and your branding) is well-documented.