How Much Does A Food Truck Cost for an Event

These days, traditional catering is increasingly making way for a far cheaper alternative.  And as a bonus, it’s one that tends to garner a lot more excitement – food trucks.  A food truck can pull in to your event with its own kitchen, and leave without the hassle of clean-up.  And ultimately, all this adds up – by taking off.

there are many food trucks that are cute for your wedding

Let’s use weddings, for example.  Nation-wide the average cost per guest for catering a wedding is $68, but hiring a food truck cuts costs to $20-$25 per guest.  If there’s 168 people at your wedding (the national average), renting a food truck costs $3,360 to $4,200 – compared to $11,424 for traditional catering.

And that gives you a good idea of the highest tier for food truck ordering.  Catering for events such as corporate lunches will run you even cheaper.  Any way you cut it, food trucks are an option that’ll drive your bottom line down and drive guest satisfaction up.  Click HERE to get started.

From sushi to burgers to high-end options like steak frites, there’s a cuisine for just about any event you could dream up.  And as an added bonus, food trucks will save you money on the service staff required for typical catered dinner; requiring far fewer hands to manage guests.

On top of all that, a food truck will save you hours of kitchen prep, further dialing down costs for venue rental and service.  With all these benefits, the price savings listed above begin to seem like the tip of the iceberg.  Because they are.  So opt for a food truck for your next big event, and you’ll be opting for a ton of spare change.  In addition to fresh-made, custom meals that come from the heart.