Food Truck Movie Production Prop Rental

Do you need to rent a food truck as a set piece or production prop for your commercial, photo shoot, TV series, movie or film shoot? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Roaming Hunger has been doing food truck production rentals since 2015 and we’ve helped hundreds of people source the perfect food truck for their needs.

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We’ve Worked With TV, Movie, Ad, and Photography Productions

For the last six seasons, we’ve sourced, wrapped, and delivered all the food trucks that compete on Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race”.

We’ve also worked with many commercial production companies, including Trailer Park Productions, Soul Pancake, Hungry Man Productions, Los York, and TRG Multimedia. You might have spotted our food truck film props in TV ads for Ford, Verizon, Dell, Pizza Hut, Toyota, Freeform TV (previously ABC Family) and many more.

What Food Trucks Can We Rent for Productions?

Roaming Hunger works with 17,000 operational food trucks, trailers and carts across the US and Canada so we have a broad range of vehicles to choose from. We also have relationships with a variety of local commissaries and builders who sometimes have their own stock of vehicles for rent.

We’re a one-stop-shop for any food service vehicle rental.

  • Need to rent multiple food trucks for a scene?
  • Cooking equipment to function on camera?
  • A food truck in a particular color or with a custom wrap?

No problem.

If you love the look of one of our food truck options – awesome! Many food trucks we work with will give permission for their own brand to be used on camera. This is a great option if budget or time is tight.

Customize the Look of Any Food Truck

We understand that the look of a food truck is an important factor for an on-camera rental. That’s why we’re happy to wrap almost any food truck with your custom graphics. This gives art directors, prop masters, or set decorators total control over the color, name, and overall look of the food truck.

We provide exact wrap templates to your designers and advise on finish details like gloss level and color matching. As experts, we ensure that the existing finish underneath your wrap stays pristine so you avoid paying thousands in surprise damages.

How the Production Rental Process Works

Food trucks are available to rent daily, weekly and monthly. The first step is always to understand your production needs, timeline, and to provide you with an upfront estimate. When you’re ready, we’ll scour our network for the best, available food trucks and present them to you.

Last minute requests for food truck props can be fulfilled, but typically more time means more options to choose from.

We recommend reaching out to Roaming Hunger for an “as-is” food truck at least two weeks in advance. For a custom wrapped food truck, we recommend a minimum lead time of four weeks.

We Keep It Safe and Legal

We’ll take care of all the paperwork including contracts, releases and insurance to make sure you’re protected from liability. We can also provide an expert to safely drive the truck and operate any cooking equipment while on set.

If you’re looking for a reliable source for food trucks to use as props in film and tv sets, Roaming Hunger’s experience is unmatched in the industry. Just head to our Food Truck Lease page and we’ll make sure the entire process goes off without a hitch.