How Many Food Trucks Are Needed For An Event

If you’re throwing an event where food trucks will be providing the meals, it’s important to know exactly how many to book.  You don’t want to leave anyone hungry – including the trucks themselves.  So it’s a fine line – providing enough to settle all your guests’ appetites, but not so many that your vendors leave with empty pockets.

Phoenixville Food Festival

Start by factoring in the content of your event itself – for events that aren’t primarily about “eating”, the ratio should be close to one food truck per every 400/500 attendees.  For food trucks to have a successful event they need to avg (at least) 40-60 customer per hour.  Click HERE for more info, or to get started booking some for your own event.

Also, make sure to factor in a sweet tooth (or 200).  From milkshakes to churros and beyond, there’s a food truck to fit just about any craving, even if the mouth that craves it’s already stopped by the Korean BBQ truck.  Dessert takes less time to prepare, and not everyone who’s eating dinner will probably visit.  But a dessert truck is still a killer way to push your event to the next level & send everyone home happy. 

Of course, if your event is all about eating, the rules are different.  If you’re throwing a food fair, chances are guests are gonna want to sample multiple tastes and talents behind the wheel.  So you can likely add food trucks – just make sure their menus are all paired down, and that one truck’s cuisine doesn’t clash with another’s.

Food trucks are generally a far smoother option than other catering styles (and require less clean-up, since they take their kitchens with them), just make sure to book the right number if you want your event running its smoothest.  And again – don’t forget dessert.