How Many Food Trucks Are Needed Per Person

Knowing exactly how many food trucks to book for your event is dependent on the number of people who are attending.  You want to make sure everyone looking to be fed gets fed, and just as importantly, you want to make sure that the food trucks you hire make a good payday out of it.  

But not all events are created equally – for events that aren’t primarily about “eating”, the ratio should be about one food truck per every 400 attendees.  Food trucks define a successful event as averaging at least 40 to 60 customer an hour.  Get started with booking your own event right here.

Just make sure you also account for the dessert lovers on your guest list.  Dessert food trucks are often an even bigger treat than what most think of as the main event.  Cupcake trucks, churro trucks and ice cream-topped donut trucks are just a few ideas that’ll make your guests’ smiles grow from satisfied to too-sweet-for-words.  So consider tacking on one extra truck if your guest list is sizable enough for it (but still probably safest to go with two savory if your list is bigger than your budget).

If eating is the main attraction, however, all the rules are out the window.  You’re likely to attract the kinds of guests who’ll wanna taste it all, so make sure to book enough trucks to satisfy their creativity.   Be careful to work with the vendors and ensure that the dishes will be diverse from truck to truck, along with making sure each menu is minimal (this will save money in prep and save a whole lot of waste).

In general, booking trucks are a killer way to save money on catering and excite your guest’s imaginations (which are generally linked directly to their tastebuds).  Start your inquiries here, and you’ll be driving on to a far more exciting event for everyone.