Food Truck Marketing (All You Need to Know)

Looking for Food Truck Marketing? We get a whole lot of visitors looking for “food truck marketing.” If that happens to be you, the first thing we need to know is if you’re a brand looking for experiential marketing/promoted activation, or if you’re looking to simply promote the food truck you operate.  Either way, you’re in the right place.

Check out both our specialities below, and let us know which one we can help you out with:

Branded Marketing With Food Trucks

I need an experiential marketing activation.

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Need Marketing For My Food Truck

I’m looking to market my food truck business.

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If you need a bit more explanation about what the differences are for your marketing purposes, continue below…

How Do I Get Food Trucks for My Marketing Activation?

Building deeper bonds between brands and their audiences is what we do every day at Roaming Hunger’s Experiential Marketing Agency, RMNG.  We’re equally seasoned at one day pop-up activations & national marketing tours, with over a decade’s experience successfully launching both.

Through the years, we’ve grown a steady database of mobile resources unmatched across the country, from exclusive vendor relationships that will save you money (and sleep,) to digital marketing informed by metrics you didn’t even know you needed.

We’ve worked with hundreds of diverse brands across the board, from Uber to Pepsi to American Express.  And we’ve got the ROI-focused research to show for it; learning from each activation to make the next one even more successful.  In short – we’ve got the goods to give your brand way more than you’re looking for.

At Roaming Hunger, we’ve been shaping the food truck industry since 2009. Whether you simply want assistance executing your event’s goals, or are looking to redefine them altogether, we’ve got the know-how to make your big promotion an even bigger success.

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How Do I Market My Food Truck and Expand My Business?

For over a decade Roaming Hunger has partnered with food trucks all across the country to execute thousands (and thousands) of private and public catering events. And now, we’re innovating all over again – developing services & technology that can grow your mobile food business quicker and further than ever before.

We’ll set you up with a profile on Roaming Hunger, letting customers in on your story, and what it is you do that no one else can. We’ll highlight your menu (and make it all sound as good as it tastes) as well as share pics of your food and truck that’ll make potential customers wanna reach through their screen.

And for those looking to level up – our new software will increase your traffic, leads and customers in one fell swoop by giving you a top-notch new website and social media presence. Finally, we protect your bottom line with a Catering Payment Protection plan that gets you paid even if the client cancels the event.

So if you’re a food truck owner looking for fresh marketing ideas, contact Roaming Hunger to get started. Your success is our success.

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