How to Throw the Ultimate (Safe) Quarantine Party

Lockdown and quarantine isn’t stopping people from celebrating major life events. Birthdays, grad parties, weddings, baby showers, and more continue to happen as social distancing measures remain in effect, so how can you commemorate these occasions while staying safe?

With some creativity, a few decorations, and of course, food, your quarantine party can still have a festive feel and provide you and your friends with a sense of normalcy. Here’s how to throw a social distancing party, masks and all.

Want a food truck at your quarantine party?

Step 1: Decorations

Every party, from graduation to birthdays, obviously needs the standard decor of balloons and signage. A quarantine party requires a more leveled up approach and thankfully, there’s professionals for that. Companies like Card My Yard and Sign Gypsies will come to your house, set up your message in your front yard, and come back the next day to pack everything up.

Once your yard has been properly decked out, you can stand in front of your sign like royalty as your friends roll by on the street in a motorcade of well wishes. Trust us, nothing says social distancing party like seeing your friends driving by like your house is Buckingham Palace.

Step 2: Provide Treats

Let’s be real, you’re going to need something to lure those diehard quarantine-ers out of the house besides your newly tagged yard. Skip the candles and cake (blowing out candles is so 2019) and bring a food truck to your party instead.

A food truck can park outside of your house, meaning no one has to come inside and invade your sanitized space, and you get to watch the mess drive away when your soiree ends.

Roaming Hunger’s network of food trucks are subject to the highest possible health code inspections – even more so than restaurants. Contained, limited-access kitchens run by small teams are actually the safest right now, so you and your party goers can feel at ease enjoying your party treats. Plus, you’re supporting a small business by booking a food truck for your quarantine party.

Pictured here are delicious snow cones provided by the Kona Ice truck, but any food truck, from ice cream, to tacos, to mini sliders, can be your party treat of choice.

Simply have your guests don their masks, grab a snack, say hello (from a distance), and have them go on their way. You’ll never have to worry about that last lingering guest now that quarantine parties are the new trend.

Step 3: Stay Safe

As always, it’s important to follow guidelines to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. The CDC has recommended wearing a mask when leaving the house (like these) and washing hands often. Keep six feet apart at all times and stagger guests arrival so that a line doesn’t form in front of the food truck. Always make sure you’re armed with your hand sanitizer too!

A quarantine party can be a great way to connect with friends and family in these unprecedented times. As always, Roaming Hunger is here to help make sure that your event is a success with a dedicated account manager who will help you secure a truck and provide day of support.

Sometimes a little bit of decorations and a tasty treat can be just the distraction we all need.