The $5,000-$50,000 Mobile Food Challenge: A Pitchfest for Food Trucks and Mobile Food Entrepreneurs

Huntington Hill Ventures and Are Bringing You a National Business Pitch Competition Providing Financial Investment and Mentorship to Mobile Food Startups.

Have you been thinking about starting a food truck but you’re not sure where to get financing or advice?

Here’s a great opportunity to do both. Brought to you by our friend Brett Lindenberg at, this competition can get you on the road with the money and support you need. And if nothing else, it will help you think out your idea and validate your plan.

Below is the press release, but here are a few details:

2/23 is the application deadline.

Submit your application and pitch deck at

For Immediate Release – To help innovative mobile food entrepreneurs realize their dreams, Portland-based investor Huntington Hill Ventures is in search of the next great food idea. The “Five to Fifty” Mobile Food Challenge is a virtual event culminating in an online summit where three finalists will make their pitch to a panel of angel investors on March, 31st for anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 dollars.

At least one finalist in The 5-50 Mobile Food Challenge will be offered a $5,000 minimum investment, mentorship, and on-going support to help grow and scale their business. Winning the Mobile Food Challenge is not the end, but the beginning of a long-term relationship supporting you and your business.

“Angel investments like this are usually reserved for tech companies and not small food businesses that represent the backbone of American entrepreneurship,” explains Brett Lindenberg, founder of the mobile entrepreneurship publication “I’m thrilled we can help bring this opportunity to a group of deserving food entrepreneurs.”

The 5-50 Mobile Food Challenge is an online event that anyone with access to an internet connection and great idea is eligible to participate in. There’s no cost to participate. The Mobile Food Challenge is accepting applications from both startups and existing businesses with a mobile component, including food trucks, trailers, caterers, and more. Reach out to if you have any questions about the submission process or guidelines.

Sharon Richardson Howell of Huntington Hill Ventures commented, “At Huntington Hill Ventures we are drawn to investments that are in and for the community. We are convinced there is massive opportunity for promising businesses in this space currently and in the turnover that will ensue. We have passion for food, entrepreneurship, serving the community, and for giving back. We are excited to participate”.

To register for The 5-50 Mobile Food Challenge, visit Each applicant is required to complete and submit a pitch deck describing the business, including mission statement, financial requirements, and other details about the business. We provide a pitch deck template you can use and detailed application instructions at our website so you don’t need any experience creating a pitch deck to enter.

Learn more about this business pitch competition at

Key Dates for The Mobile Food Challenge:

  • February 1st – February 23rd: Applications will be accepted for The Mobile Food Challenge. For details on how to submit your application and business pitch deck, visit

  • February 25th – 30th: Applicants with promising business ideas will be reached by email or phone to gather basic information about their submission. These conversations will help determine the selection of finalists.

  • March 1st: Between three and five finalists will be selected and announced. All finalists will be enrolled into an 8-week online mentorship program at no cost to help them pitch their idea. This program is run by Food Truck Empire and has been very well received.

  • March 31st: This event culminates with a virtual Shark-Tank inspired event called The 5-50 Mobile Food Challenge. During this virtual summit, finalists will present their pitch decks to a panel of angel investors and at least one participant will be offered a $5,000 minimum investment, business mentorship, and on-going support to help grow their business. Winning the Mobile Food Challenge is not the end, but the beginning of a longer-term relationship supporting you and your business.

About Huntington Hill Ventures and Food Truck Empire

Huntington Hill Ventures ( was co-founded by managing partner Sharon Richardson Howell. Howell is an angel investor, PhD, strategist, entrepreneur and technology executive offering encouragement and inspiration to follow your passions as you move beyond a traditional career journey in creating your own path to success. and help more than 3 million readers each year understanding how to open and grow a profitable mobile food business. Contact Brett Lindenberg at or 218-230-5348 for more information about this event or to schedule an interview.