The Top Taco Pop-Ups In Portland

It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon, is a foodie city, and the plentiful supply of vibrant local ingredients means that there is always something fresh and exciting to try. It’s also renowned for its thriving food truck scene, allowing hungry diners a taste of the city’s diverse street food influences. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best Portland taco truck for your next Taco Tuesday. We’ve rounded up the best taco pop-ups Portland has to offer, from traditional kitchens serving authentic classics to innovative businesses offering creative fusion feasts.

Not sure which taco trailer will make your dreams come true? Check out the “best for” sections to find the best eatery for you.

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1. El Taco Yucateco

This white El Taco Yucateco offers authentic Yucatan dishes in Portland

The El Taco Yucateco taco truck specializes in deliciously authentic Yucatan dishes. This Mexican cuisine marries European and Mayan food traditions to create delicacies bursting with earthy, smoky flavors. Each dish features a traditional topping of wonderfully moreish pickled red onions for an extra hit of punchy sharpness. 

If you’re in the market for flavorful tacos, the El Taco Yucateco formula couldn’t be more straightforward. Customers can choose their favorite protein from grilled chicken, pork, and beef and then select a range of toppings to pile their tacos high. Shredded cabbage, fiery salsa, and creamy avocado are just some of the options to create a fiesta in every bite. 

Are you craving something a little different? El Taco Yucateco offers plenty of non-taco dishes for those with adventurous tastes. Consider packing your protein into a fresh, soft burrito with spicy rice and beans for a deliciously satisfying lunch or dinner on the go. If you’re looking for a healthier option but don’t want to miss out on flavor, consider a Taco Salad bursting with protein-packed grilled chicken, black beans, and colorful veggies. 

With so many incredible Yucatan specialties to choose from, it can be hard to know what to pick as a first timer. The owner recommends opting for the taco truck’s trademark Panuchos. This traditional street food features homemade tortillas, grilled chicken, silky smooth avocado, and crunchy vegetables.  

If you still have room for more, you can create a street food feast by adding some luxurious sides to your taco or burrito. The El Taco Yucateco menu showcases a range of indulgent extras, including taquitos, rice and beans, and chips and guacamole. 

With so many incredible options to try, we know you’ll want to track down the El Taco Yucateco taco trailer as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can keep track of the truck’s schedule as it rolls around Portland on the El Taco Yucateco Facebook page

Best for: Corporate Catering, Family Events, Weddings 

2. Taco Pedaler

This Taco Pedaler pop up showcase a village-style Mexican street food in Portland

Taco Pedaler is one of Portland’s most unusual taco pop-ups, delivering mouthwatering tacos without a large carbon footprint. The converted trike taco cart gets around using pedal power, and the team uses biodegradable wrappers and local ingredients to create environmentally friendly street food treats. You can find Taco Pedaler’s 2 brick-and-mortar locations on NE Broadway, while the mobile unit roams the streets serving its authentic, vibrant fare. 

Taco Pedaler’s mission is to showcase traditional, village-style Mexican street food, and there are plenty of meat-based and veggie options to suit varying tastes. The Baja Fish Taco is not to be missed, packed with local line-caught fish in a crispy batter and topped with pineapple pico de gallo and spicy sauce.

If plant-based food is more your style, the Veggie Taco won’t disappoint. This vegetarian feast is filled with your choice of protein-packed pinto beans or vegan chorizo with a cotija cheese and cabbage topping. 

The Taco Pedaler menu also includes plenty of healthy options if you want a lighter bite without scrimping on taste. You can enjoy your favorite meaty or vegetarian protein as a salad or burrito bowl garnished with a range of crunchy fresh vegetables and zesty sauces. 

Taco Pedaler’s eco-friendly eats can be sampled at any of its permanent locations or by tracking down its taco cart. Alternatively, consider booking the team to cook fresh, fiery Mexican favorites at your next get-together. Check out the Taco Pedaler IG to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings. 

Best for: Eco-friendly dining, Healthy Options, Vegetarian Food

3. El Nutri Tacos

El Nutri Tacos offers healthy Mexican classics in the streets of Portland

Tacos are always a crowd-pleaser! Enter El Nutri Tacos to please every PDX palette in the crowd. You can find this popular Portland taco truck serving up a diverse range of Mexican classics from its permanent location on NE Alberta Street in the Alberta neighborhood. Here, customers can enjoy mouthwatering tacos alongside more unusual dishes. 

If you’re hungry for a taco, try the chef’s signature Taco Salad with protein-rich black beans, rice, salad, and creamy guac piled inside a tortilla shell. Alternatively, opt for the filling and delicious Wet Burrito. This substantial dish includes black beans, rice, and your favorite succulent meat rolled inside a super-soft tortilla wrap and drenched in tangy enchilada sauce. A drizzle of cooling sour cream and a side serving of colorful salsa fresca make this meaty feast even more indulgent. 

The El Nutri Tacos menu also includes delicious sandwiches for a speedy lunch on the go and plenty of veggie options, including the plant-based Chipotle Tempeh. This vegetarian treat is a hit for herbivores and features spicy, organic tempeh pieces, rice, grilled vegetables, and the chef’s trademark salsa fresca. 

If your mouth is watering for a taste of El Nutri Tacos’ vibrant dishes, you can grab a slice of the action by ordering online through the company’s website and collecting your meal hot from the truck. 

Best for: Online Ordering, Plant-Based Options, Permanent Location

4. Mahi Taco

Mahi Taco offers fusion on Hawaiian and Baja flavors in Portland

The expert team at Mahi Taco aims to make every day feel like a vacation with its unique fusion of Hawaiian and Baja flavors. They make every taco lovingly from scratch using only the freshest ingredients—you can even hire the taco truck for a dose of Mexican flair at your next event. 

The Mahi Taco menu is a tacos-only zone, featuring an array of succulent grilled meat and poultry options. The Grilled Mahi Taco is the star of the show, featuring grilled or blackened mahi in a flour tortilla and topped with zesty pico de gallo, savory Colby cheese, and an intense lime-spiked sauce. Alternatively, switch the fish for Grilled Huli Chicken or Kalua Pork to put your own twist on the house favorite. 

There’s plenty for herbivores to sink their teeth into at Mahi Taco, including a veggie-packed Cauliflower and Mushroom Taco with classic taco flavors. The Fried Avocado Taco is the ultimate plant-based indulgence, showcasing creamy avocado, cabbage, and zesty fusion dressings. 

If it doesn’t feel like a real Taco Tuesday without plenty of tasty sides, and Mahi Taco has you covered. Pump up the flavor with a generous helping of Cilantro Lime Rice or a dollop of fresh coleslaw. Hungry taco lovers will also enjoy the taco cart’s classic Mac Salad, featuring elbow pasta in a silky, smooth sauce. 

You can enjoy Mahi Taco’s unique fusion feasts by keeping an eye out for the mobile unit on a Portland street near you. Alternatively, you can contact the team to arrange catering for events and parties. 

Best for: Fusion Food, Side Dishes

5. Tight Tacos

This white taco truck of Tight Tacos roaming around Portland to offer treasured family recipes

Tight Tacos serves incredibly Instagrammable tacos from its 2 brick-and-mortar stores in Portland, and devotees can now book the taco truck for events. The passionate team of taco aficionados hand-press every taco fresh to order and lovingly prepares the fillings according to treasured family recipes. Whatever you order, we recommend adding a generous helping of the chef’s legendary Guac for extra creaminess.

At Tight Tacos, customers can modify their taco order exactly how they like it. Every taco masterpiece comes wrapped in a homemade, gluten-free corn tortilla with a vibrant onion and cilantro garnish. Next, select your protein from an impressive variety of meat and veggie options, including classic Asada steak; spicy, fruity Pastor pork; and vegan Soyrizo (soy chorizo.) Finally, smother your tacos in your favorite homemade sauce, like the cool crema or zingy fresca. 

This popular street food spot is renowned for its tacos, but there’s plenty more to discover on the diverse menu. The Hellarito is Insta-famous in its own right and a must-try for hungry street food fans. This behemoth of a burrito is a California-style feast with your favorite protein, cheese, french fries, crema, and cilantro, all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. 

Ever wish you could recreate your favorite taco truck classics from the comfort of your kitchen? Tight Tacos is ready to make your dreams of becoming a bona fide taquero a reality. Simply purchase a Family Taco Kit, choose your protein, and follow the straightforward instructions to produce a Mexican feast at home. 

Best for: Cocktails, Kid-Friendly Meals, Events Catering

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