Oahu Street Food

Could Hawaii be the ultimate street food paradise? We visited the island of Oahu to find out.

Our tour sent us through the North Shore during the Triple Crown of Surfing, traffic was just as heavy as the waves and it gave us a chance to scout each spot along the Kamehameha Highway. Our destination: the North Shore shrimp trucks.

These famous 4 wheeled food courts are famous for serving delicious, garlicky, spicy, shrimp plate lunches shore side right next to the farms where the shrimp are raised. Delicious? Yes. And well worth the scenic drive. The shrimp are as fresh as it comes– with a source guarantee right before your very eyes.

Honolulu has imported some of these vendors– they park all throughout the city. However, if you have the chance (and a free afternoon) the drive is well worth it. See pics below.