Off to the Races

This post comes with good news. Its at the very bottom of the entry.

We sat down with Chris from the Santa Anita Racetrack to talk about putting together a MASSIVE food truck event.

Roaming Hunger:  Okay, where did the idea to put food trucks in the middle of racetrack come from? Genius!

Chris Quinn: The idea came from Jonathan De La Rosa, Josh Hiller and myself. Saying that we have the perfect venue for this type of event. Racing every half hour, the San Gabriel Mountains and the opportunity to really introduce Santa Anita and racing to a group of people and families for the first time using a vehicle like social media.

RH: How do you plan for an event like this?

This event in planning is a little different then some of our others but always keeping in consideration the safety of the horses. We loaded in about 50% of the trucks on Friday night and then closed training early Saturday morning to load in the rest and met our goal of getting them all in by 10am thanks to John Niedzwiedz and his staff.

Then of course we have to prep all the paperwork with the City of Arcadia and the County of Los Angeles, who paid us a visit on Saturday and everything was cool. And then the non traditional marketing with Jonathan De La Rosa and you guys and all the trucks tweeting and Facebooking about the event.

RH: Horse races and food seem to go together nicely– any advice for those who haven’t been out yet?

You can get lucky and catch a $144 horse in the last race and have your day paid for depending on how much you ate.

RH: Anything else you want to add?

Everyone in the Food Truck community has been awesome to work with and we hope that Santa Anita Park will become a major player in this movement.

RH: Thanks Chris, we had a blast!


On May 14th, the Food Truck Festival is back! 70 vendors, races and family fun. See you there!