Cousins Maine Lobster – Wicked Good

Miracle Mile, as big-shot directors and no-name hipsters alike fondly refer it to, is the strip of Wilshire Blvd. between Fairfax and La Brea in Los Angeles, CA. Not only is it home to the offices of huge production companies, the La Brea Tar Pits, and the iconic LACMA lamppost exhibit, it’s also become the stomping grounds for LA’s most popular food trucks.


Day after day, the trucks line up across from the LACMA entrance, ready to serve hungry roamers. The sidewalks, fences, and nearby stairs are cluttered with people getting their fill of tacos, crepes, Bánh mìs, and now lobster!


Today, I was lucky enough to catch a bite at Cousins Maine Lobster. I had never seen the truck before and was enticed by the long line and inspired menu. Talking with a member of the CML crew, I recognized the snarky attitude characteristic of the New Englanders I know. After our chat, I had to see – er – taste for myself if the food was as authentic as the disposition.


My new crustacean-oriented friend recommended the Connecticut Lobster Roll, described on the menu as a “fresh warm Maine lobster served on a toasted New England style roll, with melted butter drizzled on top.” I thought the $13 price tag was a little steep for a truck, but trusting what I know of New Englanders, they’re good on their word. I followed his advice and I’m so glad I did.


This sandwich was piled high with fresh Maine lobster, warm, but not overwhelmingly hot. The colors were vibrant; not only was the lobster bright, but the seasoning brought the roll to life. The bread was slightly toasted, providing the perfect crunch to match the smooth texture of the shellfish. And BOY was that shellfish smooth. They weren’t lying when they said that Maine has the best lobsters around.


As the site claims, “the best way to satisfy an appetite is to consume some of the most authentic foods from across the globe.” I’d be hard pressed to disagree. The lobster was so rich, but the portion was small enough not to overdo the flavor. That being said, it was completely filling and worth every penny.


Supporting Cousins Maine Lobster means supporting sustainability. It’s a family business, and gets all its supplies from local Maine fisherman who fish according to the state protection laws.


Their food is New England authentic with an LA twist and an attitude to match. Try their California Lobster Taco or the Lobster Martini and you’ll see what I mean. When it comes to quality, these cousins don’t mess around.

by Sienna Mintz