Food For Thought – Coolhaus

Get out of your haus and cool down with a not-so-average ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus.


I sunk my chompers into my first Coolhaus Sammie a few years back at a catered soiree. My choices were salted caramel (Starbucks ruined that one for me), mint chocolate chip (a sure bet), and candied bacon. “Is this some kind of sick joke?” I wondered, moments before a telepathic party guest approached me to set my fears to rest. “Try the bacon one, it’s my favorite.” “Who are you and what makes you an ice cream sandwich authority?” I wondered aggressively, reaching for the mint chocolate chip one.


The bacon-in-everything trend was just getting underway, and I was still skeptical. The mint chocolate chip made me proud to have a last name in its likeness (Mintz), but I couldn’t get that voice out of my head, whispering, “try the bacon” suggestively in my right ear. Had I had too much champagne? No? Then this must be a legitimate issue worth addressing. I scanned the room until the target was in sight. I cornered a courageous candied-bacon-sandwich-holding guest, batted my eyelashes, and then muttered “Can I have a bite?” “Sure?” he said, handing me the loot. I snatched it, ravenous with greed for grease. My teeth sunk deep into the soft cookie until a swiney shiver was sent through my teeth and down my spine. It was the best invention since Case Study House 22. The rich vanilla filled my mouth, but was upstaged by the slight crunch and intense flavor of the candied bacon. This just became the coolest hausparty of the year.


I remembered my manners, handing over the remains of the smothered sandwich, and decided to go for Coolhaus 2.0, bacon edition. But when I got back to the table, they were all gone! From there on out, it was my mission to track down the Coolhaus truck wherever she roamed.


You might be thinking, “This woman is crazy. Ice cream is ice cream. Get over it.” You’re right (about the first part), but you’re also very wrong (sorry Charlie). Coolhaus’ goods have had a similar effect on many likeminded folks. This über popular truck has made such a dent in the food truck community that they not only opened a store in Culver City, but they’ve hit the road and opened 4-wheeled shop in Austin, Dallas, Miami, and New York! Their sandwiches are sold in SoCal Whole Foods and they’ll even cater your party! Try the bacon; it’s my favorite. (Oh god, I’ve become the monster).


You can’t build a house without a blueprint and you can’t build a food truck without a great idea. Natasha and Freya are the famous founders of “farchitecture” (food + architecture). All of their ice cream sandwiches are designed to resemble a deconstructed house: a cookie roof and floor slab with ice cream walls. It may sound a little farfetched, but anything goes when the food is this good.


Each flavor combo is named after a famous architect, some normal, and others wacky. If you can believe it, that candied bacon I freaked out over doesn’t even scratch the surface. Coolhaus serves a wide variety of cookies, from Potato Chip & Butterscotch to Vegan Carrot Cake. The ice cream flavors take it up a notch. Looking for an Italian influence? Try the Balsamic Fig & Mascarpone. Or if you’re trying to channel your inner Dude, His Dudeness, Duder, or El Duderino (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing), try the White Russian Flavor. You might not get sloshed, but you can still play the game with their Beer & Pretzels flavor too. The roof is the limit with these architecture-inspired sandwiches. And we’re talking high ceilings.


Find your own flavorite! Follow Coolhaus on Twitter to get the scoop on their latest location.


by Sienna Mintz