A Beautiful Storm – Tornado Potato


Natural disasters aren’t generally a highly-coveted novelty unless, that is, they involve potatoes. Fried ones. Tornado Potato is a favorite LA food truck, serving up a snack so weird, you just gotta have it. Imagine a potato on a stick, fashioned into a spiral, and then fried in oil until it’s part french fry, part chip and finally, doused with anything from chili to truffle oil.


This truck stops at nothing to bring customers a snack worth talking, tweeting, and texting about. They do one thing, and they do it right. The potato-on-a-stick phenomenon is actually a trendy street food in South Korea, and owner Chris figured it would translate well to American food culture.


Sweeping the Los Angeles and Orange County areas since 2010, the truck’s been whipping up new ideas left and right. The Original can be ordered with a number of toppings, like cheese, salt & vinegar, and even lime.


If you’re jonesing for a full meal, order the Sausage Tornado! Yup, a sausage tornado. At Downtown LA’s most recent Art Walk, I paid the truck a visit for a taste of the festival favorite. The crew insisted I try the Sausage Tornado, and I trustfully obliged to their recommendation. Order it with a Polish Sausage, Louisiana Cajun, or a Hawaiian Portuguese. I can’t tell you how they do it, but what they do is incredible. A succulent sausage with a stick conveniently inserted through its center, wrapped in the same beloved spiral potato that’s perfectly fried and crunchy. Slap some ketchup and mustard on that and you’ve got yourself a helluvah meal.


The skin itself is crunchy, and layers of potato that swirl dizzily around the stick are crispy, lined inside with a thin layer of smooth, tender potato that fills your mouth with flavor. The swirl cascades easily off of the sausage, but can also be eaten in one mouthful along with the brat, making it a side dish and a bun, all at once. The sausage is greasy and hot, and not your average barbequed dog. Together, the textures, the heat, the flavors and colors all work together naturally. It’s fun to look at, but better to eat.




If that sounds like a little much, there’s a healthier option too! Try the Zucchini Tornado for a lighter snack that’s refreshing and much less threatening to your New Year’s Resolution.


Too classy to eat a potato off a stick? Think again, and order the Truffle Tornado, a gourmet option to make you feel fancy.


But wait, there’s more! After your Sausage lunch with a side of Truffle, grab a Sweet Tornado, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Potatoes for dessert? They went there.


That’s right folks, Tornado Potato’s got you covered for every course in your food truck feast.


Whether in a parking lot of trucks, or at a neighborhood gathering, hungry roamers are abound, tornado potatoes in hand. It’s hard not to follow the smells that flow from the truck’s windows, so why should you? You may be hungry, you may be full. Chances are there’s a beautiful storm in your future. Go eat it!