A Truck Of Their Own – Auntie’s Fry Bread


Fried. Bread. Need we say more?


Auntie’s Fry Bread is a Native American fusion truck in Los Angeles. They dole out fried discs of wonder topped with sweet confections and savory morsels. Fry Bread is a traditional Native American dish that’s usually served at parties or gatherings. This truck though, takes it to the next level, by bringing you their family recipe topped with your favorites.


Twenty years ago in Montana, the Koyama family farmers invented Fry Bread Tacos, an awesome fusion between Asian and Native American cooking, with a Latin twist.


The truck uses the original Montana bred recipe to bring something totally new to the food truck scene in LA. Despite popular belief, fry bread isn’t a giant doughnut, nor is it a concentrated funnel cake. Rather, it’s a fluffy, light, melt-in-your-mouth bread that tastes just as great with meat as it does with sugar and honey!


The golden bread pulls apart with ease, revealing a lighter center that’s flavorful, but not overpowering. It’s the kind of thing you never want to end, and, thankfully, the portions are big enough to give you just the perfect amount.


It’s not a sandwich. It isn’t pizza. It’s a snack or a meal, a dessert or a dinner. Auntie’s Fry Bread is universal, and undoubtedly one of LA’s most unique trucks.


by Sienna Mintz