Food Trucks Make L.A. Unique



Food trucks are unique, which is why there was a stellar line up of street fare at this weekend’s UNIQUE LA design show. It all went down inside the Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport. The high arched ceiling emphasized the high caliber of crafts present at the show. Unique is the largest independent trade show in the country, bringing local arts to Los Angeles and San Francisco, with New York not so far behind.


Although there were a slew of delicious food purveyors sampling hot sauce, beer batter cupcakes, and gluten free brownies, the food trucks lined up just outside the hanger were hard to avoid. Looping around the aisles of jewelry and screen printed shirts, the smells of Coolhaus and Cod Save The Queen were unmistakable, and served as true representations of L.A. style. Along with these classics, Brasil Kiss, M.O.Eggrolls, Me So Hungry, Cousins Maine Lobster, and Rounds Truck were there to give fuel to the artsy attendees. Retro picnic tables were set up in the sun and were filled throughout the day with posh women and stylish men sipping on Brasil Kiss lattes and snacking on Me So Hungry sliders. Even the vendors were enjoying the street scene. The NoeyCakes staff noshed on hearty Rounds burgers between beer batter cupcake sales and chic jewelry designers balanced on platform heals while getting their fill of Coolhaus sweets.


If you missed this weeks show, catch UNIQUE in New York with a TBA date of arrival. The venue might not be so aeronautical, but your imagination will soar when you see what NY locals can craft up.


by Sienna Mintz