SoMa StrEat Food Park Doesn’t Play Games

It’s all about the chase. You’ll check your phone perpetually and your stomach will remember that empty feeling of excited anticipation. They’ll make you wonder if you’ll ever see them again. Tweet tweet! Your heart flutters as your read their message. “We’re at 11th & Harrison.” And just like that, you’re off, totally and utterly whipped by your favorite food truck.


SoMa StrEat Food Park doesn’t play games. There’s no three-day rule, no coy tweets to keep you guessing. Here, you’ll find up to ten food trucks each day in one central location. With a covered, heated seating area (for those cold summer days), free wifi, great music, a huge TV projector and more, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a meal, without the fuss of having to track down your lunch.



It’s sort of like Portland’s street food scene, with a little less dreadlock and a lot more variety. As opposed to the permanent trailer theme Portland’s got going, SoMa has a variety of trucks that come in and out of the park. “It’s a big draw for people,” SoMa creator Carlos Muela told Roaming Hunger. “I saw the issues that all the trucks were having with getting permits on the public streets and their issues with brick and mortars,” he continues.


He explains that because the park, located at 11th & Division, is in a more secluded area, there isn’t any competition with brick and mortar businesses. People go to the park for the park, because frankly, who wouldn’t want to sit outside and eat tacos on their lunch break?


The park is filled, day and night, with people from all walks of life, but it’s difficult not to notice the predominant crowd. Because of the park’s close proximity with some high tech companies, there’s always a group of young professionals chowing down on some darn good food. The trucks bring them in and the wifi keeps ‘em there!



You’ll find something new every day at the SoMa StrEat Food Park. Carlos likes to mix it up, keeping a balance between the newer trucks and the old favorites. “Having the bigger trucks helps, because they bring their own people,” he explains. Once they’re there, they can easily discover something new to tweet home about.


What’s next for this awesome endeavor? Beer, and lots of it. The biergarten is “almost open,” says Carlos, which he describes as an open trailer with seating inside. For now, the park occasionally serves beer on weekends, but keep an eye out for weekday brews.


They’ll also be hosting some fun events in the near future. How does an outdoor movie night a la cart truck sound?


Last but not least, the market will be open for your late night hankerings on Fridays and Saturdays from midnight to 4a.m. It’s a dream come true for those of you who don’t like to spend your weekend nights dreaming.


If you’re always looking for the next best thing San Fran has to offer, you’ll definitely want to check out the SoMa StrEat Food Park, open for business seven days a week.


by Sienna Mintz