I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

You may think that ice cream trucks are old school, but when you walk up to the Chunk-N-Chip truck, you’ll be wowed by their incredible menu. With crazy combos that include anything from marshmallows to candied bacon, you won’t be left disappointed by this SoCal pheNOMenon. We talked to truck owner and baker extraordinaire Claudia Gonzalez and here’s what she had to say:


ROAMING HUNGER: What inspired you to start this food truck?


CLAUDIA GONZALEZ: We knew that our business was growing. I had been in business part-time for over six years, selling ice cream sandwiches in a booth at various festivals in Southern California. We were wanting to expand and we wondered about the whole gourmet food truck scene, and it looked like it would be a quick transition. We launched the truck August 2010!



RH: What differentiates you from the other ice cream sandwich food trucks?


CG: We’ve been around for over eight years, serving the exact same product. That means we’re all about handmade cookies and ice cream, made with simple yet premium ingredients. They’re made in small batches by hand and we don’t use any preservatives. The cookies are made just the night before. And the unique thing about us is that we serve oven-warm cookies, so you’ve got the cold part and the warm wow factor.


RH: What’s your most popular ice cream sandwich?


CG: The ones that have been very popular are the Moulin Rouge, which is our red velvet, white chocolate fudge ice cream sandwich. And then our Mumjo Jumbo, which is chocolate brownie with peanut butter cups.



But there’s also the Elvis; we won an award for that one. It has peanut butter cookies with banana foster ice cream and warm candied bacon as a topping.



RH: What is one of your weirdest combos?


CG: We have one that launched this summer called the S’mores Galore. It’s our version of a graham cracker, but it has marshmallows woven into it. And then there’s a marshmallow-based ice cream with Hersheys and almonds in it.



RH: How do you come up with such wacky names for your sandwiches?


CG: Within our team. We call our team members Booya Loompas. The name comes from the look of the product and the ingredients. For example, we see Red Velvet as seductive. It’s a spin off of the whole Moulin Rouge thing. The French Kiss is with brioche cookies and French Toast ice cream.


RH: How does your ice cream sandwich compare to the original Itsit?


CG: Kudos for them! The one that comes to mind is the classic chocolate chip. That’s one of the ones that we first kicked off seven years ago, so we call it the Old School. Our cookies are a little different from the average cookie because we use a variety of spices. And also just that we serve ours with super warm cookies.


RH: Do you have anything new coming out for the fall?


CG: Oh yeah! We’re always launching new flavors by the season. We’re looking at doing a carrot cake version and bringing back the basil bacon ice cream and the pumpkin spice cookie. But we’re definitely going to be doing some new stuff that ties in with the fall season!


Drooling yet? It’s okay, we are too. Check out Chunk-N-Chip on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think!



by Sienna Mintz