Melt Bus Gets Approval For New USC Location!



Congratulations to San Francisco’s very own Melt Bus for getting approval for their new USC location at the corner of Hoover and Jefferson!


USC students have a tendency to complain about their limited dining options on and around campus. On-campus meals are expensive, and off-campus, the Figueroa street fast food desert provides students with cheap yet unhealthy options. So when word spread of the Melt Bus opening at USC, students lined up halfway across campus to get a taste of some gooey, cheesy, all natural magnificence. The grand opening was promoted by a prestigious USC organization, the Trojans Knights, who spread the word to fellow students and brought the truck an estimated 500 tickets in just a few short hours. USC students all seem to agree that whether it’s for a mid-day sandwich or an early morning breakfast melt, the Melt Bus is the perfect affordable and delicious addition to their campus.


We chatted with CMO, Paul Coletta about the approval of the Melt’s new location:


We at Roaming Hunger speak on behalf of all hungry USC students when we say thank you for providing the campus with a cheap and tasty alternative to on campus dining. What drew you to open up a location at USC?

We think the USC customer is the melt customer. A customer that appreciates the higher quality of food that the Melt serves. We believe that the USC customer appreciates higher quality ingredients and appreciates the values of the melt, which includes all-natural products (we never use high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, artificial colors or hormones in our dairy or meat). We’re also eco-friendly and combustible.


Do you have set hours for the USC location? Do you plan on staying open late for college students who are up late… studying? 

For now hours are set  and you can access them on our website (, if we update the hours we will make sure to update the website.


What is the Melt’s most popular menu item?  

In terms of the must-try item, I’d say it’s whatever the special is. The special is consistently popular. This week it’s the pizza melt with creamy mushroom soup, but it changes frequently. SC students can go to Facebook and like our page, and we’ll keep them up to date on changes to the special.

In addition, we recently launched our new menu, which includes all-natural soft serve ice cream, handmade milkshakes, new middles (which are add-ons you can include in your grilled cheese) in addition to our current options – bacon, tomato, country ham, carved turkey, and portobello.


Would you consider coming up with a specialty item named after Tommy Trojan or another USC icon?  

We’re always open to looking at creative ways to localize products and that’s an interesting idea; we are open to the idea of customizing products to local markets, so although at this point we haven’t done that, we’re open to the idea.