American Well brings out the Soup Nazi in Boston

American Well hit the streets of Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday (tomorrow) in the form of food truck. Grab a free bowl of warm homemade chicken soup by downloading the American Well app on the Android and Apple App stores. Here’s how:


Step #1:

Download the free American Well app on your phone or tablet. Apple users:


Step #2:

Go to Government Center between 11 am – 3 pm. Show the Soup Nazi your new app and get your free bowl of soup.



Tweet out a picture of the Soup Nazi with the hashtag #nosickforyou


Larry Thomas, better known as the “Soup Nazi” from classic sitcom Seinfeld, will be at the truck both days greeting fans and handing out soup. This event is not to be missed! #nosickforyou


Track Down the American Well truck here:

Wednesday, December 11th & Thursday, December 12th


Government Center; Boston, MA


Find American Well and the truck on social media

Twitter: @American_Well

Instagram: @americanwell

Hashtag: #nosickforyou