Dog Days: A Docu-film about food trucks & the American Dream

Co-directors Laura Waters Hinson and Kasey Kirby began filming DOG DAYS in 2009 after a chance meeting with the main character, Coite Manuel, who was about to begin building a small business within the street vending world of DC.  The filmmakers spent  the next four years shooting, off and on, this labor of love project about food truck vendors and their desire to live the American dream despite the obstacles they overcome, whether it is a bad economy or burdensome regulations from City Hall. While this film took place in Washington, DC, the story it tells is mirrored in cities across the country as the food truck culture struggles for a place within a city’s food scene.


When DOG DAYS has been shown in other cities, members of the food truck community have rallied around the film. It is our hope that food truck vendors, their fans and others who support small entrepreneurs will come to the Santa Barbara International Film Fetival and support the film! Please check the film website ( for info about a MeetUp.