Chunk n Chip Cookies are ‘Jamaican Me Nuts’!

The Drunk Monkey, the Dirty Snowflake, Cuba Libre, and Jamaican Me Nuts are just a few of the zany names given to Chunk n Chip’s original craft ice cream sandwich combinations.  But it wasn’t just the catchy names that caught our attention.  Chunk n Chip Cookies is constructing high quality craft ice cream sandwiches by sourcing fresh “fresh off the farm” dairy for their ice cream and baking each batch of cookies by hand. No preservatives here.  Just damn good ice cream cookie sandwiches.




Roaming Hunger jumped at the opportunity to talk with truck owner, Claudia Gonzalez, and Helene Knobel, for the second time, to see how their business has progressed since they’ve dropped “the B-word” (Booyah – their former tagline) and expanded their product line.


ROAMING HUNGER: What is one of your more popular new flavor combinations?


CLAUDIA & HELENE: “The Drunk Monkey – graham cracker with banana cream pie. And the banana cream pie has bourbon and salted caramel.”


ROAMING HUNGER: What type of events do you typically cater?


CLAUDIA & HELENE: “A lot of corporations and weddings…You see the experience between the guests trying our stuff, and we’ve heard a lot of folks tell us that we were the hit of their wedding because it was something different and out of the box… we tend to get bribed by some of the guests to get served before the bride and groom”


ROAMING HUNGER: That’s hilarious. How do you stay one step ahead of your competition?


CLAUDIA & HELENE: “We’ve seen a lot of friends that have come and gone, but I think at the end of the day, its about quality product – [we’re] staying on top because we’re consistent, our stuff is fresh, and customer service.  We want to give the customer an experience to remember.”


ROAMING HUNGER: Is social media the best way for your fans or a client who wants you to cater their event to get in touch with you?


CLAUDIA & HELENE: “We’ve gotten lots of shout-outs through social media, but I think our website.”


ROAMING HUNGER: Will we be seeing any more Chunk n Chip trucks popping up across the country or your current truck expanding in any way?


CLAUDIA & HELENE: “We’re expanding this summer… we’ll be announcing something on facebook or twitter within the next few months… our next level would be [a] brick and mortar.”


Chunk n Chip fans should keep an eye out this Spring for something new in their product line related to fashion.  It’s a secret for now, but the inside scoop is to think “couture.”


The ladies of Chunk n Chip Cookies are truly artists of the craft ice cream cookie sandwich world. Helene likens their constant influx of inspiration to that of writers, “always coming up with ideas; just like how writers always have to write,” they are constantly thinking of ways to improve and innovate their craft. They have already won an award for their candied bacon (um, yum…) on The Elvis, and they showcase the elegant, like the champagne cookie and chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream, to the not so elegant but still delicious fruity pebbles and pop rocks toppings selection.  Can’t wait to see what new flavors they’ll cook up!


If you have any inventive flavor combinations rattling around your noggin’, you can drop the Chunk n Chip truck a line on their facebook and twitter pages.  You just might make it into the Chunk n Chip hall of fame, like the Blu–Laventine (snicker doodle with blueberry lavender), and see it offered on the truck!


-Lauren Tarnofsky | Roaming Hunger