Top 10 Trucks for the Health-Conscious

Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or a meat-monster, these 10 trucks will help keep you fit and full of energy.




Seabirds (Kitchen) Truck – Orange County, CA

This chic Orange County dining spot only dishes out peak season vegetables and fruits grown locally and organically. They have a seasonal menu on the truck to ensure a limited farm to plate time frame.  Their dishes not only taste amazing but are a sight for sore eyes as well. Relax on the sand with beer-battered avocado tacos and a side of truck-made chips and salsa.



Caveman Truck – Indianapolis, IN

With the only Paleo- friendly truck serving Indiana, Shelby focuses her fair on local, seasonal, and organic eating, so customers can enjoy a caveman style diet. No gluten, soy, casein, or GMO’s here; you are guaranteed grass-fed protein and hardy dishes, like the Barnyard Hash – organic sweet potato, Smoking Goose bacon, curry powder, and organic coconut oil.



Farm.Fish.Fork – San Diego, CA

You can guess the food from the name alone – main dishes come either “from the farm,” “from the ranch,” or “from the sea.”  They work closely with local farmers and ranchers to help support their community in their passion for organic, sustainable food.  Their menu includes gourmet items like blackened yellowtail tacos from the Pacific coast and The Abby Sandwich – Sadie Rose Ciabatta, fried egg, aioli, smoked bacon, tomato, and arugula.  Stay classy  Farm.Fish.Fork.



The Squeeze Truck – New York, NY

From no sugar diets, to sprouted nuts and raw, living foods, The Squeeze has you covered. Its no surprise professionally trained healthy gourmet chef and all-around glam girl, Karliin Brooks, is a one woman, New York health powerhouse. The squeeze truck brings her passion for vitality, radical health, cruelty-free eating, and all things green to your feet.  Her options on and off the truck (from her online store) are the foods nutritionists only dream will one day be mainstream staples of the American diet.  The Squeeze might be most well known for its freshly pressed juices and cleanses but the truck offers healthy options, like Strawberry Chia Seed Tapioca topped with granola in a mason jar, and Moc N’ Cheese, made from raw cashew cheddar cheese on sprouted quinoa pasta.  But my personal favorite showstopper is the Don’t Cry Over Spiced Milk shake – house-made nut milk with alkalized water, cashew, hemp seeds, dates, Irish moss, dates, vanilla, and cardamom.  I mean, have you ever had Irish moss in your milkshake? Didn’t think so…



Micklethewait Craft Meats – Austin, TX

Micklethwait’s homemade sausage runs the gamut of craft meats in a town of craft beer – duck and cherry, lamb and apricot, beef sausage, brisket and jalapeno sausage.  This truck has plenty of Austin character. One customer noted, “like most good things in town, it’s a trailer in a parking lot with picnic benches where grungy looking hipster serve amazing food.” Mmmmm, protein.



Native Bowl – Portland, OR

Name a bowl, any bowl, you’ve got it. Or you can simply make your own. An absolutely adorable little outpost, Native Bowl draws from Taiwainees, Korean, Japanese, and Middle Eastern influences to bring vegan bowls of jasmine rice with fresh veggies, garlic tofu, and hot sauces that will leave you crying.  Don’t forget to order a house-brewed tea!



The Urban Caveman – Milwaukee, WI

Its another Paleo- friendly truck favorite and the only one of its kind in the Milwaukee area. Their food is focused entirely around the Paleolithic diet of minimally processed fruits and vegetables and pasture-raised meats. Even though you won’t see grains in any of their dishes, urban-dwelling cavemen and cavewomen have plenty of savory and sweet options: burger bowls, bacon wrapped date bites, banana bread muffins made with almond flour and cashew butter, etc. One unique, unexpected dish is their primal chocolate chili – a classic with an unexpected twist of real cocoa – slow simmered and served over a bed of cauliflower rice.



Blenders and Bowls – Austin, TX

Now an established acai cafe as well, Blenders and Bowls provides healthy, exotic, and organic blended drinks and bowls to Austin’s hottest digs.  Packed with colorful, juicy fruits and nutrients, their menu items are fantastic for an afternoon pick-me-up or a nutritiously delicious start to the day. The cafe and truck proudly preaches the wonders of acai and organic Sambazon amazon superfoods.



GMonkey – Connecticut

Married couple and truck owners, Mark Shadle and Ami Beach, do it right – they grow the produce on their solar-powered farm and use eco-friendly biodiesel fuel to bring high quality, 100% organic, vegan foods at affordable prices to Connecticut. Clearly, with menu items called “Donward Dog Blackbean Burrito,” they are a humorous, lighthearted pair as well. Raw foods, sprouted nuts and seeds, and dangerously addictive sweet potato fries help GMonkey keep rolling strong.




The Mac n’ Truck – Miami, FL

Gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan are not terms typically associated with comfort food.  That means non-dairy mac n’ cheese, people… But, the Mac’n truck, and its creamy, gooey, cheesy goodness, is here to dispel that myth.  They prove that comfort food can be a part of everybody’s diet.  After all, beach season in Miami is all season.



And rest assured there are many more!