How Your Food Truck Logo Influences the Hungry Customer’s Experience

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Your food truck most likely offers a specific type of fare and minimal menu. Hence, your truck will also have a theme, which is the equivalent of a business’ brand. The theme of your food truck is like your truck’s concept and distinctive characteristics, and the logo serves as a symbol that instantly conveys those things. It should be good, and look professional. Not only will it brand your truck, it’ll brand your Facebook page, menu and any kind of marketing material you create—tangible or digital. The design of your logo is so instrumental to the prosperity of your business, try to imagine your truck as your arm and the logo as a tattoo. Would you ink yourself with it?

Heck Yeah, I’d Tattoo My Logo On My Arm


Great, but before you tattoo your logo on your arm for life, account for design flexibility and consistency. A logo should attract an in-person or online customer equally. It serves as an eye-catching token that represents your business’ identity on all mediums, from a taco wrapper to a mobile-friendly website. Once your food truck becomes more established, returning customers will turn into foodie loyalists and start to create a relationship with your business. Identifying the logo in any form will trigger an emotional response that could result in a sale or even a recommendation. For those of us in a relationship, we all know how powerful and inflicting an emotional response can be, better make sure it’s a positive one.


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I think It’s Positive…


Do passers-by seem intrigued by your truck? Are customers not frowning or crying? OK, people are responding well, so that’s good. A customer’s positive experience with your product and service is related to a positive connection with your logo. A compelling logo accurately depicts the experience a company creates, explains San Antonio-based Web design firm Bold Perspective. Let’s be honest, looks matter, right? Anyone who says they don’t judge books by their covers grows their nose Pinocchio-style. Create a high-quality logo that is aesthetically engaging and reflective of your theme. Distinguish it from your competitors and ensure it targets your niche market.






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If You Build It, They Will Come, Hopefully


Your niche market will be at your target locations, such as an office park or shopping district, but keep in mind they’re also online. Sure, passing customers hungry for lunch may make an impromptu stop at your truck, but you need to be proactive and put in effort on your side of the relationship. Even if your truck’s parked at a people-dense location, you also need to build a website, build out a blog, create a strong social media presence and grow a following. Creating logo-branded digital and social spaces where customers can learn more about your business provides credibility and relevancy—and shows you’re hip with the trends.



Photo by Edsel L via Flickr


Don’t forget, these customers are glued to their phones. Ninety-six percent of mobile customers have researched a product or service on their phone, and 81 percent will share a positive experience using social media (safely assuming on their phone), according to mobile customer engagement statistics gathered by Parature. Optimize your website to be mobile-friendly and make sure it’s easy to navigate on the latest smartphones. Also, respond to Facebook posts and engage with your Instagram followers who are essentially your word-of-mouth marketers. Turn your current customers into engaged fans and captivate potential customers with a hot logo? Your breakfast burritos are about to conquer the world.