Chef The Movie Premiering in Select Cities This May

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                                                                             (photo credit: Robert Fisher; Food & Wine)



Creative integrity… or money? Creative integrity…  or money? The artistic, illusive genius within every man struggles to navigate this quandary adeptly.  In Chef, a SXSW 2014 festival favorite, writer and director, Jon Favreau, plays a gourmet chef who has chosen to quit his job at a prominent Los Angeles restaurant to start his own food truck in Miami.


From Iron Man to iron pan, Carl Casper, played by Favreau, teams up with Marvin (Robert Downey Jr.), his friend (John Leguizamo), ex-wife (Sofia Vergara), and Molly (Scarlett Johansson) to rediscover and share his passion for food, life, and love.  He even brings his son along for the ride, whom John Leguizamo teaches to put corn starch on his balls to help with the humidity.  The family dynamic brings another element of humor and layer of emotional depth that promotes the importance and centrality of food within our lives… and to not take life too seriously!


According to Food and Wine’s, How Jon Favreau Learned To Cook For His New Movie, Favreau teamed up with F&W Best New Chef, Roy Choi, the founder of the Koji food truck empire and several popular Los Angeles restaurants, as an exercise in method acting in order to learn the ins and outs of gourmet cooking and working on a food truck.  “Massage it even stronger, Jon,” says Choi. “Like you’d massage octopus?” Favreau asks. “Exactly,” says Choi. “Just like an octopus.” Food and Wine is able to capture the soul of the film – a mixture of lighthearted quips, serious culinary undertakings, and the art of living a life well-lived.  The article explains “as Favreau learned how to cook, he also learned how to eat,” and how the mastery and joys of cooking and filmmaking became one.